National accounts of the Federation, Main aggregates, Germany, Main types of aggregates by sector, Economic sectors, Year [81000BJ112]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Main types of aggregates by sector [VGRHA1]
Economic sectors [VGRWSK]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [mrd_eur] Billions of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [VGRHAA] Main aggregates
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[VGRHA1] Main types of aggregates by sector
  • [VGR-HAA-01] Output
  • [VGR-HAA-011] FISIM (output)
  • [VGR-HAA-02] Intermediate consumption
  • [VGR-HAA-021] FISIM (intermediate consumption)
  • [VGR-HAA-03] Gross value added
  • [VGR-HAA-04] Consumption of fixed capital
  • [VGR-HAA-05] Net value-added
  • [VGR-HAA-06] Compensation of employees, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-07] Other taxes on production, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-08] Other subsidies on production, received
  • [VGR-HAA-09] Operating surplus
  • [VGR-HAA-10] Compensation of employees, received
  • [VGR-HAA-101] Employers' social contributions
  • [VGR-HAA-1011] Employers' actual contributions
  • [VGR-HAA-1012] Employers' imputed contributions
  • [VGR-HAA-102] Wages and salaries
  • [VGR-HAA-11] Subsidies, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-12] Taxes on production and imports, received
  • [VGR-HAA-121] Taxes on products
  • [VGR-HAA-1211] Value added type taxes (VAT)
  • [VGR-HAA-1212] Taxes and duties on imports excluding VAT
  • [VGR-HAA-1213] Taxes on products except VAT and import taxes
  • [VGR-HAA-122] Other taxes on production
  • [VGR-HAA-13] Property income, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-131] Interest, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-132] Distributed income of corporations, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-133] Other investment income, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-134] Reinvested earnings on foreign direct investment
  • [VGR-HAA-135] Rents, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-14] Property income, received
  • [VGR-HAA-141] Interest, received
  • [VGR-HAA-142] Distributed income of corporations, received
  • [VGR-HAA-143] Other investment income, received
  • [VGR-HAA-145] Rents, received
  • [VGR-HAA-15] Primary income (net national income)
  • [VGR-HAA-16] Current taxes on income, wealth etc., paid
  • [VGR-HAA-17] Current taxes on income, wealth etc., received
  • [VGR-HAA-18] Net social contributions, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-19] Net social contributions, received
  • [VGR-HAA-20] Social benefits oth. than soc.transf. in kind,paid
  • [VGR-HAA-21] Social benefits other than kind,rec.
  • [VGR-HAA-22] Other current transfers, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-23] Other current transfers, received
  • [VGR-HAA-24] Disposable income
  • [VGR-HAA-25] Final consumption expenditure
  • [VGR-HAA-251] FISIM (final consumption expenditure)
  • [VGR-HAA-26] Adj.f. change in net equity of pension funds
  • [VGR-HAA-27] Saving
  • [VGR-HAA-28] Capital transfers, paid
  • [VGR-HAA-29] Capital transfers, received
  • [VGR-HAA-30] Gross capital formation
  • [VGR-HAA-32] Acquisitions less disposals of non-produced assets
  • [VGR-HAA-33] Net lending / net borrowing
[VGRWSK] Economic sectors
  • [UEBWELT] Rest of the world
  • [VGRWSK001] Total economy
  • [VGRWSK002] Non-financial corporations
  • [VGRWSK003] Financial corporations
  • [VGRWSK004] Households and non-profit institutions serving hh.
  • [WABT14] General government
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