National accounts of the Federation, Mass income (households), Mass income (households incl. non-profit inst.), Germany, Types of mass income, Year [81000BJ114]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Types of mass income [VGRMEA]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [mrd_eur] Billions of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [EKM003] Mass income (households)
  • [EKM020] Mass income (households incl. non-profit inst.)
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[VGRMEA] Types of mass income
  • [VGR-MEA-01] Compensation of employees
  • [VGR-MEA-02] Employers' social contributions
  • [VGR-MEA-03] Wages and salaries
  • [VGR-MEA-04] Income taxes and social contributions of employees
  • [VGR-MEA-041] Social contributions
  • [VGR-MEA-042] Income tax
  • [VGR-MEA-05] Net wages and salaries
  • [VGR-MEA-06] Social benefits by social security funds
  • [VGR-MEA-061] Statutory pension insurance
  • [VGR-MEA-062] Statutory health a.statutory long-term care insur.
  • [VGR-MEA-063] Statutory accident insurance
  • [VGR-MEA-064] Statutory unemployment insurance
  • [VGR-MEA-07] Social benefits by territorial authorities
  • [VGR-MEA-071] Social assistance and war victims assistance
  • [VGR-MEA-072] Benefits for war-victims
  • [VGR-MEA-073] Unemployment relief
  • [VGR-MEA-074] Statutory children's allowance
  • [VGR-MEA-075] Housing allowance
  • [VGR-MEA-076] Other benefits
  • [VGR-MEA-08] Social benefits by employers and priv. sec. funds
  • [VGR-MEA-081] Company pension etc., pension schemes etc.
  • [VGR-MEA-082] Pensions of establ. civil servants, benefits
  • [VGR-MEA-09] Levies on social benefits, taxes on consumption
  • [VGR-MEA-091] Social contrib. by for recip. of benefits
  • [VGR-MEA-092] Own contributions by recipients of social benefits
  • [VGR-MEA-093] Misc. current transfers from hh. to general gov.
  • [VGR-MEA-094] Taxes on consumption and administrative charges
  • [VGR-MEA-10] Mass income
  • [VGR-MEA-11] Operating surplus/mixed income/property income
  • [VGR-MEA-111] Operating surplus
  • [VGR-MEA-112] Property income
  • [VGR-MEA-12] Other transfers paid
  • [VGR-MEA-121] Taxes on income assessed, taxes from income unass.
  • [VGR-MEA-122] Social contrib. by self-employed and non-employed
  • [VGR-MEA-123] Social contrib. suppl. minus social insur. charges
  • [VGR-MEA-124] Misc. current transfers from hh. to other sectors
  • [VGR-MEA-125] Net non-life insurance premiums
  • [VGR-MEA-13] Other transfers received
  • [VGR-MEA-131] Non-life insurance claims
  • [VGR-MEA-132] Misc. current transfers to hh. from other sectors
  • [VGR-MEA-133] Misc. current transfers from general government
  • [VGR-MEA-14] Disposable income
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