National accounts of the Federation, General government social benefits, Germany, Types of general government social benefits, Year [81000BJ117]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Types of general government social benefits [VGRSSA]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [mrd_eur] Billions of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [LST007] General government social benefits
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[VGRSSA] Types of general government social benefits
  • [VGR-SSA-1] Social benefits to domestic households
  • [VGR-SSA-11] Social security benefits in cash (non-pension)
  • [VGR-SSA-111] Cash benefits of the german pension insurance
  • [VGR-SSA-114] Cash benefits of agricultural Pension Funds
  • [VGR-SSA-115] Cash benefits of the statutory health insurance
  • [VGR-SSA-116] Cash benefits of statutory long-term care insur.
  • [VGR-SSA-117] Cash benefits of statutory accident insurance
  • [VGR-SSA-12] Unfunded employee social benefits
  • [VGR-SSA-121] Pensions (incl. benefits a. suchlike for retirees)
  • [VGR-SSA-1211] Territorial authorities
  • [VGR-SSA-1212] Social security funds
  • [VGR-SSA-122] Benefits etc. for employees of general government
  • [VGR-SSA-13] Other social benefits
  • [VGR-SSA-131] War-victim assistance
  • [VGR-SSA-132] Cash benefits of unemployment benefit
  • [VGR-SSA-133] Cash social assistance and war victims
  • [VGR-SSA-134] Statutory children's allowance
  • [VGR-SSA-135] Educational grants
  • [VGR-SSA-136] Housing allowance
  • [VGR-SSA-2] Social benefits to the rest of the world
  • [VGR-SSA-21] Social security benefits in cash
  • [VGR-SSA-3] Social transfers in kind
  • [VGR-SSA-31] Social benefits in kind
  • [VGR-SSA-311] Social benefits of social security funds
  • [VGR-SSA-3111] Services of physicians
  • [VGR-SSA-3112] Services of dentists
  • [VGR-SSA-3113] Medicines
  • [VGR-SSA-3114] Remedies and remedial aids
  • [VGR-SSA-3115] Hospital services
  • [VGR-SSA-3116] Provision of residential care and suchlike
  • [VGR-SSA-3117] Spa treatments etc.
  • [VGR-SSA-3118] Other soc.benefits in kind of soc. security funds
  • [VGR-SSA-312] Social benefits of territorial authorities
  • [VGR-SSA-3121] Social assistance
  • [VGR-SSA-3122] Other soc.benefits in kind of territ. authorities
  • [VGR-SSA-32] Transfers of indiv. non-market goods and services
  • [VGR-SSA-321] Education
  • [VGR-SSA-322] Health service
  • [VGR-SSA-323] Social security
  • [VGR-SSA-324] Sports and recreation, culture
  • [VGR-SSA-4] General government social benefits
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