National accounts of the Federation, Main aggregates of general government, Germany, Main types of aggregates, Sub-sectors of general government, Year [81000BJ119]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Main types of aggregates [VGRHAG]
Sub-sectors of general government [VGRSLE]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [mrd_eur] Billions of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [VGR043] Main aggregates of general government
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[VGRHAG] Main types of aggregates
  • [VGRHAG01] Market production
  • [VGRHAG02] Other non-market output
  • [VGRHAG03] Output
  • [VGRHAG04] Intermediate consumption
  • [VGRHAG05] Gross value added
  • [VGRHAG06] Consumption of fixed capital
  • [VGRHAG07] Net value-added
  • [VGRHAG08] Compensation of employees
  • [VGRHAG09] Other net taxes on production
  • [VGRHAG10] Operating surplus
  • [VGRHAG12] Sales from non-market production
  • [VGRHAG13] Social benefits in kind
  • [VGRHAG14] Government final consumption expenditure
[VGRSLE] Sub-sectors of general government
  • [KRPBUND01] Federation
  • [KRPGEBIET01] Territorial authorities
  • [KRPGEMEIN001] Municipalities
  • [KRPLAENDER01] Länder
  • [KRPSTAAT01] Government, total
  • [VSISOZIAL01] Social security funds
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