National accounts of the Federation, Government transfers, Germany, Types of transfers, Year [81000BJ123]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Types of transfers [VGRSUT]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [mrd_eur] Billions of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [VGR083] Government transfers
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[VGRSUT] Types of transfers
  • [VGR-SUT-1] Transfers by general government, received
  • [VGR-SUT-11] Transfers from corporations, received
  • [VGR-SUT-111] Other taxes on production
  • [VGR-SUT-112] Taxes on income and wealth
  • [VGR-SUT-113] Non-life insurance claims
  • [VGR-SUT-114] Miscellaneous current transfers
  • [VGR-SUT-115] Capital transfers
  • [VGR-SUT-12] Transfers from households, received
  • [VGR-SUT-123] Net social contributions
  • [VGR-SUT-1231] Actual social contributions
  • [VGR-SUT-1232] Imputed social contributions
  • [VGR-SUT-13] Transfers from general government, received
  • [VGR-SUT-131] Other subsidies on production
  • [VGR-SUT-14] Transfers by non-profit inst. serving househ.,rec.
  • [VGR-SUT-15] Transfers from the rest of the world, received
  • [VGR-SUT-152] Social contributions
  • [VGR-SUT-16] Taxes on products
  • [VGR-SUT-2] Transfers by general government, paid
  • [VGR-SUT-21] Transfers to corporations, paid
  • [VGR-SUT-212] Net non-life insurance premiums
  • [VGR-SUT-22] Transfers to households, paid
  • [VGR-SUT-222] Social benefits other than social transf. in kind
  • [VGR-SUT-23] Transfers to general government, paid
  • [VGR-SUT-24] Transfers to non-profit inst. serving househ.,paid
  • [VGR-SUT-25] Transfers to the rest of the world, paid
  • [VGR-SUT-2521] GNI - based EU own resources
  • [VGR-SUT-26] Subsidies on products
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