Bank Lending Survey Statistics [BLS]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Bank selection [BANK_SELECTION]
Bank lending survey item [BLS_ITEM]
BLS contract counterpart [BLS_COUNT]
BLS counterpart motivation [BLS_COUNT_DETAIL]
Time horizon [TIME_HORIZON]
Effect domain [EFFECT_DOMAIN]
Market role [MARKET_ROLE]
BLS aggregation method [BLS_AGG_METHOD]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [Q] Quarterly
[REF_AREA] Reference area
  • [AT] Austria
  • [BE] Belgium
  • [CY] Cyprus
  • [DE] Germany
  • [EE] Estonia
  • [ES] Spain
  • [FI] Finland
  • [FR] France
  • [GR] Greece
  • [IE] Ireland
  • [IT] Italy
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [LU] Luxembourg
  • [LV] Latvia
  • [MT] Malta
  • [NL] Netherlands
  • [PT] Portugal
  • [SI] Slovenia
  • [SK] Slovakia
  • [U2] Euro area (changing composition)
[BANK_SELECTION] Bank selection
  • [ALL] All banks
[BLS_ITEM] Bank lending survey item
  • [ALN] Covering acute liquidity needs
  • [APP] Expanded asset purchase programme
  • [AVEL] Risk weighted assets of which Average loans
  • [BC] Impact of bank competition
  • [BDR] Bank deposit rate
  • [BDV] Bank deposit volume
  • [BFC] Impact on banks funding conditions
  • [BIP] Financial situation - ability to improve its profitability
  • [BLM] Bank lending margin
  • [BLP] Financial situation - liquidity position
  • [BLR] Bank lending rate
  • [BLV] Bank lending volume
  • [BMFC] Financial situation - market financing conditions
  • [BPRO] Financial situation - profitability
  • [BSC] Impact of cost of funds and balance sheet constraints
  • [C] Manufacturing
  • [CAPR] Capital ratio
  • [CBCO] Costs related to balance sheet clean-up operations
  • [CCF] Impact of consumer confidence
  • [CE] Energy-intensive manufacturing
  • [CGL] Capital gains/losses
  • [CMP] Pressure from competition
  • [CP] Impact of capital position
  • [CPRE] Capital position of which Retained earnings
  • [CRE] Impact of consumption expenditure (mortgage equity withdrawal)
  • [CRQ] Collateral requirements
  • [CWB] Impact of creditworthiness of borrower
  • [CWC] Impact of creditworthiness of consumers
  • [DR] Impact of debt refinancing/restructuring/renegotiation
  • [DSB] Purchasing assets - Domestic sovereign bonds
  • [DSI] Impact of debt securities issuance
  • [EABH] Euro area sovereign bond holdings
  • [EQI] Impact of equity issuance
  • [FABS] Financing via asset-backed securities
  • [FCOB] Financing via covered bonds
  • [FEQI] Financing via equity issued
  • [FIX] Impact of fixed investment
  • [FUBB] Financing via unsecured bank bonds
  • [FX] Construction (eXcluding real estate)
  • [G] Wholesale and retail trade
  • [GEA] Impact of general economic activity
  • [GL] Granting loans
  • [GLI] Impact of general level of interest rates
  • [HMP] Impact of housing market prospects
  • [HTNX] Services (H to N eXcluding financial services and real estate)
  • [IF] Impact of internal financing
  • [IFO] Impact of industry or firm specific situation
  • [IFS] Impact of internal finance out of savings
  • [INV] Impact of inventories and working capital
  • [L] Real estate
  • [LCRE] Commercial real estate
  • [LCV] Loan covenants
  • [LE] Large enterprises
  • [LEV] Level of credit standards
  • [LEVR] Leverage ratio
  • [LIQA] Total assets of which liquid assets
  • [LIQE] Holding liquidity with the Eurosystem
  • [LNB] Impact of loans from non-banks
  • [LOB] Impact of loans from other banks
  • [LP] Impact of liquidity position
  • [LRRE] Residential real estate
  • [LTL] Long-term loans
  • [LVR] Impact of loan to value ratio
  • [MAA] Impact of mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring
  • [MAL] Margin on average loans
  • [MF] Impact of ability to access market financing
  • [MFC] Impact of market financing competition
  • [MRL] Margin on riskier loans
  • [MTY] Maturity
  • [NBC] Impact of non-bank competition
  • [NIC] Non interest rate charges, lending
  • [NICD] Non interest rate charges, deposits
  • [NII] Net interest income
  • [NIM] Net interest margin
  • [NPL] Non-performing loan (NPL) ratio
  • [O] Overall
  • [OFA] Purchasing assets - other financial assets
  • [OPC] Bank`s operating cost
  • [OSF] Impact of other sources of finance
  • [OSL] Other loan size limits
  • [PAR] Participation in the LTRO
  • [PLB] Precautionary liquidity buffer
  • [PRAC] Profitability reasons linked to attractive conditions
  • [PRMO] Precautionary motive (to secure financing given the uncertainty on financial markets)
  • [PRT] Bank`s profitability target
  • [PSR] Pressure related to supervisory or regulatory requirements
  • [RCD] Impact of risk on the collateral demanded
  • [REGR] Fulfilment of regulatory and supervisory requirements
  • [RFR] Impact of regulatory and fiscal regime
  • [RSK] Perception of risk
  • [RSKL] Risk weighted assets of which Riskier loans
  • [RTO] Impact of bank`s risk tolerance
  • [RWA] Risk weighted assets
  • [SDC] Impact of spending on durable consumer goods
  • [SDWD] Refinancing - substituting deposit shortfalls
  • [SEL] Substituting existing loans
  • [SELO] Refinancing - substituting other Eurosystem liquidity operations
  • [SIBL] Refinancing - substituting interbank lending
  • [SMD] Refinancing - substituting maturing debt securities
  • [SME] Small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • [ST2] Refinancing - substituting TLTRO-II funding
  • [STL] Short-term loans
  • [SZL] Size of loans
  • [TOIL] Impact of financial and sovereign debt crisis 2009 onwards
  • [TOTA] Total assets
  • [TTRO] Impact of TLTRO - refers to TLTRO I (BLS rounds 2014Q4 - 2016Q1), TLTRO II (BLS rounds 2016Q3 - 2017Q3) and TLTRO III (BLS rounds 2020Q1 onwards)
  • [Z] Not applicable
[BLS_COUNT] BLS contract counterpart
  • [B] Banks
  • [E] Enterprise
  • [H] Household
  • [P] Non-financial private sector (Households and NFCs)
  • [Z] Not applicable
[BLS_COUNT_DETAIL] BLS counterpart motivation
  • [C] Consumer credit
  • [DSM] Debt securities - medium to long term (including covered bonds)
  • [DSS] Debt securities - short term (e.g. certificates of deposit or commercial paper)
  • [H] Loans for house purchase
  • [LE] Large enterprises
  • [MMS] Interbank unsecured money market - short-term (more than one week)
  • [MMV] Interbank unsecured money market - very short term (up to one week)
  • [O] Overall
  • [RLD] Retail long-term deposits
  • [RSD] Retail short-term deposits
  • [SCL] Securitisation of corporate loans
  • [SHL] Securitisation of loans for house purchase
  • [SME] Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • [TCR] Ability to transfer credit risk off balance sheet
  • [Z] Not applicable
[TIME_HORIZON] Time horizon
  • [B12] Last 12 months
  • [B3] Backward looking three months
  • [B6] Backward looking six months
  • [F12] Forward looking twelve months
  • [F3] Forward looking three months
  • [F6] Forward looking six months
  • [LF] Future TLTROs
  • [LN] Next to last TLTRO-III operation
  • [LR] Most recent TLTRO
  • [R03] From 1st quarter 2003 to present
  • [R10] From 2nd quarter 2010 to present
  • [R20] Over the first half of 2020
  • [X01] From 2014 to 2017
[EFFECT_DOMAIN] Effect domain
  • [AP] Expanded asset purchase programme
  • [B3] CRR/CRD IV
  • [BM] CRR/CRD IV, effect on credit margins
  • [DG] Demand for loans with COVID-19 related government guarantees
  • [DR] Negative deposit facility rate
  • [DW] Demand for loans without government guarantees
  • [MA] Margins on average loans
  • [ML] Level of bank`s loan margins
  • [MR] Margins on riskier loans
  • [NP] NPL impact on lending policy
  • [RA] Share of rejected loan application
  • [SG] Credit standards on loans on loans with COVID-19 related government guarantees
  • [ST] Credit standards
  • [SW] Credit standards on loans without government guarantees
  • [T3] TLTRO III
  • [TC] Credit terms and conditions
  • [TG] Credit terms and conditions on loans with COVID-19 related government guarantees
  • [TT] Two tier system
  • [TW] Credit terms and conditions on loans without government guarantees
  • [ZZ] Not applicable
[MARKET_ROLE] Market role
  • [D] Loan demand
  • [S] Loan supply
[BLS_AGG_METHOD] BLS aggregation method
  • [BDINX] Diffusion index weighted with the share of each bank in the total loan outstanding amount of the banks in the BLS sample
  • [BFNET] Weighted net percentage (tightened minus eased or reverse), based on the share of each bank in the total loan outstanding amount of the banks in the BLS sample
  • [DINX] Diffusion index
  • [FNET] Net percentage (frequency of tightened minus that of eased or reverse)
  • [WA] Weighted average
  • [WDINX] Weighted diffusion index based on the share of each country in the total loan outstanding amounts of the area aggregate
  • [WF1] Weighted avg frequency of 1 responses (considerably tightened / strongly negative / not participated / will not participate)
  • [WF2] Weighted avg frequency of 2 responses (somewhat tightened / negative)
  • [WF3] Weighted avg frequency of 3 responses (basically unchanged / o / undecided)
  • [WF4] Weighted avg frequency of 4 responses (somewhat eased / positive)
  • [WF5] Weighted avg frequency of 5 responses (considerably eased / strongly positive / participated / will participate)
  • [WF6] Weighted avg frequency of 6 responses (tightest level)
  • [WF7] Weighted avg frequency of 7 responses (level remained constant)
  • [WF8] Weighted avg frequency of 8 responses (loosest level)
  • [WFNA] Weighted avg frequency of not applicable responses
  • [WFNET] Weighted net percentage (tightened minus eased or reverse) based on the share of each country in the total loan outstanding amounts of the area aggregate
  • [WSD] Weighted standard deviation estimate
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