Shipments of Euro Banknotes Statistics (ESCB) [BNT]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Adjustment indicator [ADJUSTMENT]
Data type - BoP related data [DATA_TYPE_BOP]
BKN denomination breakdown [BKN_DENOM]
Counterpart area [COUNT_AREA]
Series denominat/spec calcul [SERIES_DENOM]
Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[REF_AREA] Reference area
  • [U2] Euro area (Member States and Institutions of the Euro Area) changing composition
[ADJUSTMENT] Adjustment indicator
  • [N] Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
  • [Y] Working day and seasonally adjusted
[DATA_TYPE_BOP] Data type - BoP related data
  • [2] Credit transactions
  • [3] Debit transactions
  • [4] Net transactions
[BKN_DENOM] BKN denomination breakdown
  • [ALLD] All denominations
[COUNT_AREA] Counterpart area
  • [W1] Rest of the World
[SERIES_DENOM] Series denominat/spec calcul
  • [E] Euro
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