Commercial Property Prices [RESC]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Region and geographical coverage [REGION]
Adjustment indicator [ADJUSTMENT]
Type of properties [PROPERTY_TYPE]
Indicator [INDICATOR]
Data provider [DATA_PROVIDER]
Price type [PRICE_TYPE]
Transformation [TRANSFORMATION]
Unit of measure [UNIT_MEASURE]
Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [Q] Quarterly
[REF_AREA] Reference area
  • [B6] EU27 (fixed composition) as of 31 January 2020 (brexit)
  • [I7] Euro area 18 (fixed composition) as of 1 January 2014
  • [I8] Euro area 19 (fixed composition) as of 1 January 2015
[REGION] Region and geographical coverage
  • [_T] Whole country
[ADJUSTMENT] Adjustment indicator
  • [N] Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
[PROPERTY_TYPE] Type of properties
  • [_TC] Commercial property, All types
[INDICATOR] Indicator
  • [TVAL] Transaction value
[DATA_PROVIDER] Data provider
  • [4F0] European Central Bank (ECB)
[PRICE_TYPE] Price type
  • [TH] Hybrid
[TRANSFORMATION] Transformation
  • [N] Non transformed data
[UNIT_MEASURE] Unit of measure
  • [IX] Index
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