Students from abroad by level and field of education [educ_momo_fld]

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Frequency [FREQ]
International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 1997) [isced97]
Education or training field [field]
Education indicator [indic_ed]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[isced97] International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 1997)
  • [ED5] First stage of tertiary education not leading directly to an advanced research qualification (level 5)
  • [ED5A] First stage of tertiary education, programmes that are theoretically based/research preparatory or giving access to professions with high skills requirements (level 5A)
  • [ED5B] First stage of tertiary education, programmes which are practically oriented and occupationally specific (level 5B)
  • [ED5_6] First and second stage of tertiary education (levels 5 and 6)
  • [ED6] Second stage of tertiary education leading to an advanced research qualification (level 6)
[field] Education or training field
  • [EF14] Teacher training and education science
  • [EF141] Teaching and training
  • [EF142] Education Science
  • [EF2] Humanities and arts
  • [EF21] Arts
  • [EF22] Humanities
  • [EF3] Social sciences, business and law
  • [EF31] Social and behavioural science
  • [EF32] Journalism and information
  • [EF34] Business and administration
  • [EF38] Law
  • [EF4] Science, mathematics and computing
  • [EF42] Life science
  • [EF44] Physical science
  • [EF46] Mathematics and statistics
  • [EF48] Computing
  • [EF5] Engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • [EF52] Engineering and engineering trades
  • [EF54] Manufacturing and processing
  • [EF58] Architecture and building
  • [EF6] Agriculture and veterinary
  • [EF62] Agriculture, forestry and fishery
  • [EF64] Veterinary
  • [EF7] Health and Welfare
  • [EF72] Health
  • [EF76] Social services
  • [EF8] Services
  • [EF81] Personal services
  • [EF84] Transport services
  • [EF85] Environmental protection
  • [EF86] Security services
  • [TOTAL] Total
  • [UNK] Unknown
[indic_ed] Education indicator
  • [MS01_2D] Inward mobile students in absolute numbers
  • [MS01_2P] Inward mobile students as percentage of student population in the host country (%)
[geo] Geopolitical entity (reporting)
  • [AT] Austria
  • [BE] Belgium
  • [BE_FRA] French Community in Belgium including small German-speaking Community
  • [BE_VLA] Flemish Community in Belgium
  • [BG] Bulgaria
  • [CH] Switzerland
  • [CY] Cyprus
  • [CZ] Czechia
  • [DE] Germany (until 1990 former territory of the FRG)
  • [DK] Denmark
  • [EE] Estonia
  • [EL] Greece
  • [ES] Spain
  • [FI] Finland
  • [FR] France
  • [HR] Croatia
  • [HU] Hungary
  • [IE] Ireland
  • [IS] Iceland
  • [IT] Italy
  • [LI] Liechtenstein
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [LU] Luxembourg
  • [LV] Latvia
  • [MT] Malta
  • [NL] Netherlands
  • [NO] Norway
  • [PL] Poland
  • [PT] Portugal
  • [RO] Romania
  • [SE] Sweden
  • [SI] Slovenia
  • [SK] Slovakia
  • [TR] Türkiye
  • [UK] United Kingdom
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