Conversion factors for euro fixed series into euro/ECU - monthly data [ert_bil_conv_m]

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Updated by provider on September 1, 2022

Frequency [FREQ]
Statistical information [statinfo]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[statinfo] Statistical information
  • [AVG] Average
  • [END] Value at the end of the period
[geo] Geopolitical entity (reporting)
  • [AT] Austria
  • [BE] Belgium
  • [CY] Cyprus
  • [EE] Estonia
  • [FI] Finland
  • [FR] France
  • [DE] Germany (until 1990 former territory of the FRG)
  • [EL] Greece
  • [IE] Ireland
  • [IT] Italy
  • [LV] Latvia
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [LU] Luxembourg
  • [MT] Malta
  • [NL] Netherlands
  • [PT] Portugal
  • [SK] Slovakia
  • [SI] Slovenia
  • [ES] Spain
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