Balance sheets for non-financial assets [nama_10_nfa_bs]

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Time frequency [freq]
Unit of measure [unit]
Sector [sector]
Assets (ESA 2010) [asset10]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Time frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit of measure
  • [CP_MEUR] Current prices, million euro
  • [CP_MNAC] Current prices, million units of national currency
[sector] Sector
  • [S1] Total economy
  • [S11] Non-financial corporations
  • [S12] Financial corporations
  • [S13] General government
  • [S14_S15] Households; non-profit institutions serving households
[asset10] Assets (ESA 2010)
  • [N111N] Dwellings (net)
  • [N1121N] Buildings other than dwellings (net)
  • [N1122N] Other structures (net)
  • [N112N] Other buildings and structures (net)
  • [N115N] Cultivated biological resources (net)
  • [N1171N] Research and development (net)
  • [N1172N] Mineral exploration and evaluation (net)
  • [N1173N] Computer software and databases (net)
  • [N1174N] Entertainment, literary or artistic originals (net)
  • [N1179N] Other intellectual property products (net)
  • [N117N] Intellectual property products (net)
  • [N11MN] Machinery and equipment and weapons systems (net)
  • [N11N] Total fixed assets (net)
  • [N12N] Inventories (net)
  • [N13N] Valuables (net)
  • [N1N] Produced non-financial assets (net)
  • [N1ON] Fixed assets and inventories (net)
  • [N211N] Land (net)
  • [N212N] Mineral and energy reserves (net)
  • [N215N] Other natural resources (net)
  • [N21N] Natural resources (net)
  • [N21ON] Non-cultivated biological resources and water resources (net)
  • [N22N] Contracts, leases and licences (net)
  • [N23N] Purchases less sales of goodwill and marketing assets (net)
  • [N2N] Non-produced non-financial assets (net)
[geo] Geopolitical entity (reporting)
  • [AT] Austria
  • [BE] Belgium
  • [BG] Bulgaria
  • [CY] Cyprus
  • [CZ] Czechia
  • [DE] Germany
  • [DK] Denmark
  • [EE] Estonia
  • [EL] Greece
  • [ES] Spain
  • [FI] Finland
  • [FR] France
  • [HR] Croatia
  • [HU] Hungary
  • [IE] Ireland
  • [IT] Italy
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [LU] Luxembourg
  • [LV] Latvia
  • [MT] Malta
  • [NL] Netherlands
  • [NO] Norway
  • [PL] Poland
  • [PT] Portugal
  • [RO] Romania
  • [SE] Sweden
  • [SI] Slovenia
  • [SK] Slovakia
  • [UK] United Kingdom
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