Comparative price levels [tec00120]

Please be aware that this indicator has been rescaled, i.e. data is expressed in relation to EU27_2020 = 100. Thus, they are not comparable with previous releases. Comparative price levels are the ratio between Purchasing power parities (PPPs) and market exchange rate for each country. PPPs are currency conversion rates that convert economic indicators expressed in national currencies to a common currency, called Purchasing Power Standard (PPS), which equalises the purchasing power of different national currencies and thus allows meaningful comparison. The ratio is shown in relation to the EU average (EU27_2020 = 100). If the index of the comparative price levels shown for a country is higher/ lower than 100, the country concerned is relatively expensive/cheap as compared with the EU average.

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Time frequency [freq]
National accounts indicator (ESA 2010) [na_item]
Analytical categories for purchasing power parities (PPPs) calculation [ppp_cat]
Geopolitical entity (reporting) [geo]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Time frequency
  • [A] Annual
[na_item] National accounts indicator (ESA 2010)
  • [PLI_EU27_2020] Price level indices (EU27_2020=100)
[ppp_cat] Analytical categories for purchasing power parities (PPPs) calculation
  • [E011] Household final consumption expenditure
[geo] Geopolitical entity (reporting)
  • [AL] Albania
  • [AT] Austria
  • [BA] Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • [BE] Belgium
  • [BG] Bulgaria
  • [CH] Switzerland
  • [CY] Cyprus
  • [CZ] Czechia
  • [DE] Germany
  • [DK] Denmark
  • [EA19] Euro area - 19 countries (2015-2022)
  • [EA20] Euro area – 20 countries (from 2023)
  • [EE] Estonia
  • [EL] Greece
  • [ES] Spain
  • [EU27_2020] European Union - 27 countries (from 2020)
  • [FI] Finland
  • [FR] France
  • [HR] Croatia
  • [HU] Hungary
  • [IE] Ireland
  • [IS] Iceland
  • [IT] Italy
  • [JP] Japan
  • [LT] Lithuania
  • [LU] Luxembourg
  • [LV] Latvia
  • [ME] Montenegro
  • [MK] North Macedonia
  • [MT] Malta
  • [NL] Netherlands
  • [NO] Norway
  • [PL] Poland
  • [PT] Portugal
  • [RO] Romania
  • [RS] Serbia
  • [SE] Sweden
  • [SI] Slovenia
  • [SK] Slovakia
  • [TR] Türkiye
  • [UK] United Kingdom
  • [US] United States
  • [XK] Kosovo*
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