Industrial Production: Major Industry Groups [G17_IP_MAJOR_INDUSTRY_GROUPS]

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December 16, 2020
Frequency [FREQ]
Series Code [SERIES_CODE]
Seasonal Adjustment [SA]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [203] Annual
  • [129] Monthly
  • [162] Quarterly
[SERIES_CODE] Series Code
  • [G3364T9] Aerospace and miscellaneous transportation eq. NAICS=3364-9
  • [G315A6] Apparel and leather goods NAICS=315,6
  • [G325] Chemical NAICS=325
  • [G334] Computer and electronic product NAICS=334
  • [G335] Electrical equipment, appliance, and component NAICS=335
  • [G332] Fabricated metal product NAICS=332
  • [G311A2] Food, beverage, and tobacco NAICS=311,2
  • [G337] Furniture and related product NAICS=337
  • [G333] Machinery NAICS=333
  • [G339] Miscellaneous NAICS=339
  • [G3361T3] Motor vehicles and parts NAICS=3361-3
  • [G327] Nonmetallic mineral product NAICS=327
  • [G322] Paper NAICS=322
  • [G324] Petroleum and coal products NAICS=324
  • [G326] Plastics and rubber products NAICS=326
  • [G331] Primary metal NAICS=331
  • [G323] Printing and related support activities NAICS=323
  • [G313A4] Textiles and products NAICS=313,4
  • [G321] Wood product NAICS=321
  • [GMFD] Durable manufacturing (NAICS)
  • [GMFN] Nondurable manufacturing (NAICS)
  • [G2211] Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution NAICS=2211
  • [GMF] Manufacturing (NAICS)
  • [G2212] Natural gas distribution NAICS=2212
  • [GMFO] Other manufacturing
  • [B5610C] Crude processing (capacity)
  • [G2211A2] Electric and gas utilities NAICS=2211,2
  • [B5640C] Finished processing (capacity)
  • [B00004] Manufacturing (SIC)
  • [G21] Mining NAICS=21
  • [B562A3C] Primary and semifinished processing (capacity)
  • [B50001] Total index
[SA] Seasonal Adjustment
  • [NSA] Not seasonally adjusted
  • [SA] Seasonally adjusted
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