Afghanistan – HIES - Households Living Conditions Survey – Age (Child labour bands): 12-14 – Area type: National – Sex: Female – Annual [AFG.BB_6361.AGE_CLDVERSION_Y12-14.GEO_COV_NAT.SEX_F.A]

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International Labour Organization
Share of children engaged in economic activity by sex, age and rural / urban areas (%)
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November 27, 2023 (4:33 AM)


Reference area [ref_area]
Afghanistan [AFG]
Source [source]
HIES - Households Living Conditions Survey [BB_6361]
Classification 1 [classif1]
Age (Child labour bands): 12-14 [AGE_CLDVERSION_Y12-14]
Classification 2 [classif2]
Area type: National [GEO_COV_NAT]
Sex [sex]
Sex: Female [SEX_F]
Frequency [frequency]
Annual [A]
Period Value
2014 33.714