Yearly indicators / Earnings and labour income / Mean nominal monthly earnings of employees by sex and economic activity (local currency) [EAR_XEES_SEX_ECO_NB]

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November 18, 2019

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Dimensions codes and labels
[ref_area] undefined
  • [ARM] Armenia
  • [AZE] Azerbaijan
  • [BLR] Belarus
  • [BIH] Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • [BGR] Bulgaria
  • [CAN] Canada
  • [COL] Colombia
  • [HUN] Hungary
  • [ISR] Israel
  • [JPN] Japan
  • [KAZ] Kazakhstan
  • [KOR] Korea, Republic of
  • [KGZ] Kyrgyzstan
  • [MUS] Mauritius
  • [MKD] North Macedonia
  • [PRI] Puerto Rico
  • [ROU] Romania
  • [RUS] Russian Federation
  • [SRB] Serbia
  • [SYC] Seychelles
  • [SVK] Slovakia
  • [SVN] Slovenia
  • [ZAF] South Africa
  • [SWE] Sweden
  • [TWN] Taiwan, China
  • [TJK] Tajikistan
  • [UKR] Ukraine
  • [VIR] United States Virgin Islands
  • [URY] Uruguay
[classif1] undefined
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_AGR] Economic activity (Aggregate): Agriculture
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_CON] Economic activity (Aggregate): Construction
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_MAN] Economic activity (Aggregate): Manufacturing
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_MEL] Economic activity (Aggregate): Mining and quarrying; Electricity, gas and water supply
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_X] Economic activity (Aggregate): Not classified
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_PUB] Economic activity (Aggregate): Public Administration, Community, Social and other Services and Activities
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_TOTAL] Economic activity (Aggregate): Total
  • [ECO_AGGREGATE_MKT] Economic activity (Aggregate): Trade, Transportation, Accommodation and Food, and Business and Administrative Services
  • [ECO_SECTOR_AGR] Economic activity (Broad sector): Agriculture
  • [ECO_SECTOR_IND] Economic activity (Broad sector): Industry
  • [ECO_SECTOR_NAG] Economic activity (Broad sector): Non-agriculture
  • [ECO_SECTOR_X] Economic activity (Broad sector): Not classified
  • [ECO_SECTOR_SER] Economic activity (Broad sector): Services
  • [ECO_SECTOR_TOTAL] Economic activity (Broad sector): Total
[sex] undefined
  • [SEX_F] Sex: Female
  • [SEX_M] Sex: Male
  • [SEX_T] Sex: Total
[unit] undefined
  • [NB] local currency
[frequency] undefined
  • [M] Monthly
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