Afghanistan – LFS - Labour Force Survey (BA_15715) – Institutional sector: Private – Disability status (Aggregate): Persons with disability – Sex: Male – Annual [AFG.BA_15715.INS_SECTOR_PRI.DSB_STATUS_DIS.SEX_M.A]

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International Labour Organization
Mean weekly hours actually worked per employee by sex, public/private sector and disability status
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November 27, 2023 (4:33 AM)


Reference area [ref_area]
Afghanistan [AFG]
Source [source]
LFS - Labour Force Survey [BA_15715]
Classification 1 [classif1]
Institutional sector: Private [INS_SECTOR_PRI]
Classification 2 [classif2]
Disability status (Aggregate): Persons with disability [DSB_STATUS_DIS]
Sex [sex]
Sex: Male [SEX_M]
Frequency [frequency]
Annual [A]
Period Value OBSV_STATUS
2020 62.64 B
2021 34.04 U