Inflow of employed non-citizens by sex and occupation (in thousands) [MFL_NEMP_SEX_OCU_NB]

Reference area [ref_area]
Source [source]
Classification 1 [classif1]
Sex [sex]
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Dimensions codes and labels
[ref_area] Reference area
  • [ARM] Armenia
  • [BEL] Belgium
  • [BTN] Bhutan
  • [FJI] Fiji
  • [FIN] Finland
  • [FRA] France
  • [DEU] Germany
  • [GIN] Guinea
  • [KGZ] Kyrgyzstan
  • [MYS] Malaysia
  • [MEX] Mexico
  • [MNG] Mongolia
  • [NOR] Norway
  • [PHL] Philippines
  • [WSM] Samoa
  • [SVN] Slovenia
  • [THA] Thailand
  • [TUR] Turkey
  • [VNM] Viet Nam
  • [YEM] Yemen
[source] Source
  • [FX_13332] ADM - Administrative Records
  • [FX_8318] ADM - Administrative records and related sources
  • [FX_12913] ADM - Administrative Records from the CSO Statistical Yearbook
  • [FX_12959] ADM - Administrative Records of the Bureau of Employment
  • [FX_14063] ADM - Employment statistics
  • [FX_507] ADM - Records from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • [FX_14053] ADM - Work permit Records, Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • [FB_6663] ADM-EOR - Administrative Records of the Bureau of Local Employment, Department of Labour and Employment
  • [FB_6664] ADM-EOR - Administrative Records of the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour
  • [FB_14096] ADM-EOR - Employment Office Records of the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour
  • [BA_104] LFS - Enquête Force de Travail
  • [BA_867] LFS - Household Labour Force Survey
  • [BA_544] LFS - Labour Force Survey
  • [BA_162] LFS - MicroCensus
  • [EA_15651] OE - Employment among immigrants
  • [EA_14088] OE - Socioeconomic Characteristics of Population and Migrants
  • [EA_12966] OE - Statistical coupon for migration on paper, drawn up in the registration and removal of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic to the register at the place of residence
  • [EB_12972] Other - Annual report of immigration, Fiji Immigration Department
  • [EB_15647] Other - Boletín estadístico de la Unidad de Política Migratoria de la Secretaría de Gobernación
  • [AA_47] PC - Recensement de la Population
  • [AA_14067] PC - Recensement Général de la Population et de l'Habitation
[classif1] Classification 1
  • [OCU_ISCO08_0] Occupation (ISCO-08): 0. Armed forces occupations
  • [OCU_ISCO08_1] Occupation (ISCO-08): 1. Managers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_2] Occupation (ISCO-08): 2. Professionals
  • [OCU_ISCO08_3] Occupation (ISCO-08): 3. Technicians and associate professionals
  • [OCU_ISCO08_4] Occupation (ISCO-08): 4. Clerical support workers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_5] Occupation (ISCO-08): 5. Service and sales workers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_6] Occupation (ISCO-08): 6. Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_7] Occupation (ISCO-08): 7. Craft and related trades workers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_8] Occupation (ISCO-08): 8. Plant and machine operators, and assemblers
  • [OCU_ISCO08_9] Occupation (ISCO-08): 9. Elementary occupations
  • [OCU_ISCO08_TOTAL] Occupation (ISCO-08): Total
  • [OCU_ISCO08_X] Occupation (ISCO-08): X. Not elsewhere classified
  • [OCU_SKILL_X] Occupation (Skill level): Not elsewhere classified
  • [OCU_SKILL_L1] Occupation (Skill level): Skill level 1 (low)
  • [OCU_SKILL_L2] Occupation (Skill level): Skill level 2 (medium)
  • [OCU_SKILL_L3-4] Occupation (Skill level): Skill levels 3 and 4 (high)
  • [OCU_SKILL_TOTAL] Occupation (Skill level): Total
[sex] Sex
  • [SEX_F] Sex: Female
  • [SEX_M] Sex: Male
  • [SEX_T] Sex: Total
[frequency] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
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