1.1 Transactions [30905]

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June 1, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
[3] Type of data
  • [74] Annual variation
  • [72] Base data
  • [73] Quarterly variation rate
  • [np] Acquisitions less disposals of non.produced assets
  • [p42] Actual collective consumption
  • [p4] Actual final consumption
  • [p41] Actual individual consumption
  • [p52-53] Changes in inventories and acquisitions less disposals of valuables
  • [p32] Collective consumption expenditure
  • [p61] Exports of goods
  • [p6] Exports of goods and services
  • [p62] Exports of services
  • [p3] Final consumption expenditure
  • [p51c] Fixed capital consumption
  • [p5b] Gross capital formation
  • [p51b] Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF)
  • [p71] Imports of goods
  • [p7] Imports of goods and services
  • [p72] Imports of services
  • [p31] Individual consumption expenditure
  • [ote] Total general government expenditure
  • [otr] Total general government revenue
  • [d8] Adjustment for the change in pension entitlements
  • [d91] Capital taxes
  • [d9] Capital transfers
  • [d1] Compensation of employees
  • [d74ue] Current international cooperation (Paid to / recived from European institutions)
  • [d5] Current taxes on income, wealth, etc.
  • [d42] Distributed incomes of corporations
  • [d41g] Interest before FISIM allocation
  • [d41] Interests
  • [d71] Net non-life insurance premiums
  • [d61] Net social contributions
  • [d72] Non-life insurance claims
  • [d92-99] Other capital transfers and investment grants
  • [d7] Other current transfers
  • [d73-76] Other current transfers, not elsewhere specified
  • [d44] Other investment income
  • [d39] Other subsidies on production
  • [d29] Other taxes on production
  • [d4] Property income
  • [d42-45] Property income other than interest
  • [d43] Reinvested earnings on foreign direct investment
  • [d45] Rent on land
  • [d62] Social benefits other than social transfer in kind
  • [d6] Social contributions and benefits
  • [d63] Social transfers in kind
  • [d632] Social transfers in kind: purchased market production
  • [d631] Social transfers in kind: purchased non-market production
  • [d3] Subsidies
  • [d31] Subsidies on products
  • [d21x31] Taxes less subsidies on products
  • [d2] Taxes on production and imports
  • [d21] Taxes on products
  • [d211] Value added taxes
[525] Resources and employment
  • [310444] Resources
  • [310445] Uses
[544] Correction of effects
  • [n] Seasonally and calendar unadjusted data
[589] Institutional Sector
  • [s12] Financial corporations
  • [s13] General government
  • [s1m] Households and non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH)
  • [s11] Non-financial corporations
  • [s2] Rest of the World
  • [s1] Total economy
[nac] National Total
  • [00] National Total
[units] Units
  • [euros] Euros
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