Residents by region of origin [122_54_DF_DCSC_TUR_4]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Territory [REF_AREA]
Indicator [DATA_TYPE]
Adjustment [ADJUSTMENT]
Type of accommodation [TYPE_ACCOMMODATION]
Economic activity (NACE Rev. 2) [ECON_ACTIVITY_NACE_2007]
Country of residence of guests [COUNTRY_RES_GUESTS]
Type of locality [LOCALITY_TYPE]
Degree of urbanisation [URBANIZ_DEGREE]
Coastal and non-coastal area [COASTAL_AREA]
Size by number of rooms [SIZE_BY_NUMBER_ROOMS]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] annual
  • [M] monthly
[REF_AREA] Territory
  • [IT] Italy
[DATA_TYPE] Indicator
  • [AR] arrivals
  • [NI] nights spent
[ADJUSTMENT] Adjustment
  • [N] raw data
[TYPE_ACCOMMODATION] Type of accommodation
  • [ALL] total collective accommodation establishments
[ECON_ACTIVITY_NACE_2007] Economic activity (NACE Rev. 2)
  • [551_553] hotels and similar accommodation, holiday and other short-stay accommodation, camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
[COUNTRY_RES_GUESTS] Country of residence of guests
  • [IT] Italy
  • [ITC1] Piemonte
  • [ITC2] Valle d'Aosta / Vallée d'Aoste
  • [ITC3] Liguria
  • [ITC4] Lombardia
  • [ITD1] Provincia Autonoma Bolzano / Bozen
  • [ITD2] Provincia Autonoma Trento
  • [ITD3] Veneto
  • [ITD4] Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  • [ITD5] Emilia-Romagna
  • [ITDA] Trentino Alto Adige
  • [ITE1] Toscana
  • [ITE2] Umbria
  • [ITE3] Marche
  • [ITE4] Lazio
  • [ITF1] Abruzzo
  • [ITF2] Molise
  • [ITF3] Campania
  • [ITF4] Puglia
  • [ITF5] Basilicata
  • [ITF6] Calabria
  • [ITG1] Sicilia
  • [ITG2] Sardegna
  • [ITNI] Region not specified
[LOCALITY_TYPE] Type of locality
  • [ALL] all items
[URBANIZ_DEGREE] Degree of urbanisation
  • [ALL] all items
[COASTAL_AREA] Coastal and non-coastal area
  • [ALL] all items
[SIZE_BY_NUMBER_ROOMS] Size by number of rooms
  • [TOT] total
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