Job satisfaction [612_939_DF_DCCV_LAU_OCCUP_RED_6]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Territory [REF_AREA]
Indicator [DATA_TYPE]
Sex [SEX]
Type of degree [TYPE_OF_DEGREE]
Field of study [FIELD_STUDY]
Occupational status [LABPROF_STATUS_E]
Professional status [LABPROF_STATUS_D]
Sector of employement [EMPLOY_SECTOR_PUBPRIV]
Economic activity (NACE Rev. 2) [ECON_ACTIVITY_NACE_2007]
Occupation [PROFESSIONE]
Graduation request to access at work [Y_GRAD_ACCESS_WORK]
Usefulness of graduation [Y_USE_OF_GRADUATION]
Year of educational attainement [YEAR_EDUC_ATTAINEM]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] annual
[REF_AREA] Territory
  • [ITTOT] Total
[DATA_TYPE] Indicator
  • [SAT] satisfaction with the tasks performed
  • [SAT_CA] satisfaction with career opportunities
  • [SAT_J] satisfaction with the prospects of stability and job security
  • [SAT_KN] satisfaction with the use of the knowledge acquired at university
  • [SAT_OP] satisfaction with the opportunity for professional enrichment
  • [SAT_PR] satisfaction with the degree of autonomy - responsibility level
  • [SAT_SA] satisfaction with salary
[SEX] Sex
  • [1] males
  • [2] females
  • [9] total
[TYPE_OF_DEGREE] Type of degree
  • [72] first degree
  • [73] second degree
  • [99] total
[FIELD_STUDY] Field of study
  • [99] total
[LABPROF_STATUS_E] Occupational status
  • [TOT] total
[LABPROF_STATUS_D] Professional status
  • [9] total
[EMPLOY_SECTOR_PUBPRIV] Sector of employement
  • [9] total
[ECON_ACTIVITY_NACE_2007] Economic activity (NACE Rev. 2)
  • [0010] TOTAL
[PROFESSIONE] Occupation
  • [ALL] all items
[Y_GRAD_ACCESS_WORK] Graduation request to access at work
  • [9] total
[Y_USE_OF_GRADUATION] Usefulness of graduation
  • [9] total
[YEAR_EDUC_ATTAINEM] Year of educational attainement
  • [2011] 2011
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