Monetary aggregates [MONAGG]

Updated by DBnomics on
June 30, 2020
Dimensions codes and labels
  • [M3C] M3 excluding currency in circulation
  • [L24] Repurchase agreements
  • [L22] Deposits with agreed maturity up to 2 years
  • [L21] Overnight deposits
  • [M30] M3
  • [L30] Money market fund shares / units
  • [L23] Deposits redeemable at notice up to 3 months
  • [L10] Currency in circulation
  • [L40] Money market paper and debt securities up to 2 years
  • [M10] M1
  • [M20] M2
  • [U2] Euro area
  • [BE] Belgian contribution to the monetary aggregates of the euro area
[FREQUENCY] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [Q] Quarterly
  • [M] Monthly
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