Details of revenue collected by Treasury [TREASREV]

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August 1, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
  • [TOT] Total revenue
  • [CUR] Current revenue
  • [CUFR] Fiscal revenue
  • [DT] Direct taxes
  • [DTPI] Advance levy on professional income
  • [CD] Customs duties
  • [EDM] Excise duties on mineral oils
  • [RF] Registration fees
  • [CAFR] Fiscal revenue
  • [DTAP] Advance payments
  • [CED] Customs and excise duties
  • [ED] Excise duties
  • [EDT] Excise duties on tobacco
  • [VAT] VAT
  • [CUNF] Non-fiscal revenue
  • [CAP] Capital revenue
  • [CANF] Non-fiscal revenue
  • [DTCO] Assessment of companies
  • [EDO] Other excise duties
  • [CEDO] Other
  • [VRR] VAT, registration fees and royalties
  • [RO] Other
  • [DTNP] Assessment of natural persons
  • [DTFA] Financial assets
  • [DTRT] Road taxes
  • [DTO] Other
[FREQUENCY] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [M] Monthly
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