Domestic banking fee income [C9]

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  • Fees data are collected from 15 banks operating in Australia, covering 90 per cent of total banking sector assets. Each bank provides data on income received over the financial year that is used as the basis for their public annual accounts and is subject to revision at the individual bank's discretion. All fees are net of rebates and other concessions granted.
  • Deposit account fees comprise mainly account-servicing and transaction fees, but also fees for overdrawing the account.
  • Loans are either direct loans or accounts that have a facility to become overdrawn without penalty (particularly in the case of business loans). Loan account fees comprise mainly establishment and loan servicing fees.
  • ‘Credit card’ fees comprise mainly annual fees, but also include late payment, over-limit, cash advance and foreign-currency conversion fees.
  • ‘Other’ fees paid by households include fees from items such as travellers’ cheques, foreign currency transactions, and custodial services.
  • Fees from business also include fees and charges collected from government entities, including statutory authorities and corporatised bodies.
  • ‘Merchant fees’ include credit card and debit card fees charged to merchants, as well as non-transaction fees associated with the provision of terminal facilities.
  • ‘Bank bills’ fees include activation, application, commitment, drawdown, facility, late presentation, and line fees.
  • ‘Other’ business fees include export collections, foreign exchange guarantees, payroll service, safe custody and special clearance fees.
  • ‘Exception fees’ are those charged by the bank when the customer breaches the terms of a banking product, typically by making a late payment or exceeding a credit limit on a credit card or by overdrawing a deposit account.
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