Monetary statistics (imf framework) – authorised deposit-taking institutions survey [D12]

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  • The framework for the compilation of the monetary statistics survey is in accordance with the methodology recommended by the International Monetary Fund in the Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (2000).
  • The scope of the monetary statistics survey for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) includes banks, credit unions and building societies; the scope excludes registered financial corporations (RFCs), cash management trusts and specialist credit card institutions.
  • Data in the authorised deposit-taking institution survey will differ from the financial aggregates data provided in Statistical Tables D02 and D03 due to the scope of the survey (the financial aggregates scope is broader than banks, building societies and credit unions) and coverage (the financial aggregates cover only the private sector and public non-financial corporations).
  • Data in the authorised deposit-taking institutions survey will differ from data provided in Statement of Assets and Liabilities (Statistical Table A01) and Official Reserve Assets (Statistical Table A04). Refer to the notes attached to Statistical Table D11.
  • Financial aggregates are compiled by the RBA using data primarily supplied by authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) and non-ADIs. The data for the levels of financial aggregates in Tables D2 and D3 are not adjusted for series breaks. The growth rates published in Table D1 are adjusted for these breaks, and accordingly are a better measure than growth rates calculated from this table.
  • Historical levels and growth rates for the financial aggregates are often revised owing to the resubmission of data by some financial intermediaries, the re-estimation of seasonal factors and the incorporation of securitisation data. The RBA credit aggregates measure credit provided by financial institutions operating domestically. They do not capture cross-border or non-intermediated lending.
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