Personal lending rates [F8]

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Frequency [FREQ]
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  • Data are compiled based on monthly returns collected by APRA from banks and registered financial corporations that have $500 million of personal credit or more. This threshold captures over 95 per cent of total personal credit.
  • Due to the nature of these data sources, these rates are indicative only and are likely to be regularly revised. The RBA continuously reviews a variety of sources for interest rate data and may make changes to the series provided here as a result.
  • Data are not break adjusted.
  • Data reported in this table are weighted averages of interest rates reported by each lender participating in the Economic and Financial Statistics (EFS) collection, and measure the interest rates paid by resident borrowers.
  • Interest rates for credit outstanding are weighted by the value of credit outstanding reported by each lender participating in the EFS collection.
  • Interest rates for new credit funded in the month are weighted by the value of credit funded in the month by each lender participating in the EFS collection.
  • A loan or finance lease is considered funded once any portion of the funds is made available for the borrower to draw down according to the terms of the contract.
  • A 'finance lease' has the meaning in AASB 16 Leases (AASB 16). In general, it means a lease that transfers substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to the ownership of the asset. Title may or may not eventually be transferred.
  • 'Margin lending' is the provision of secured loans to investors for the purpose of purchasing financial assets. The purchased assets are generally used as security for the margin loan. The financial assets purchased are usually equities or units in managed funds.
  • A 'fixed-term loan' means a loan extended for a fixed period, with a maturity date by which the loan must be repaid. Repayments over the fixed period reduce the loan balance and do not make further finance available. It includes: redraw facilities attached to fixed-term loans. It excludes: revolving credit facilities.
  • The series 'other revolving credit' reports revolving credit other than credit cards and margin lending. 'Revolving credit' means lending facilities that the borrower may repeatedly draw down in part or in full up to an authorised credit limit and repay, any credit drawn, in part or in full, on multiple occasions without the facility being cancelled. Repayments (other than of charges and interest) reduce the borrowings, thereby increasing the amount of unused credit available. This includes facilities with a fixed term that meet the above criteria. It includes: arranged overdrafts; unarranged overdrafts; secured and unsecured revolving credit facilities; reverse mortgages. It excludes: redraw facilities attached to fixed-term loans; bill facilities.
  • For definitions and inclusion criteria for each series, please see Australian Reporting Standard ARS 746.0, available at
Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[units] Units
  • [per-cent-per-annum] Per cent per annum
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