Monthly indicator for household consumption by purpose, observations and month [HushKonInd]

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purpose [Andamal]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Andamal] purpose
  • [HTK] total household consumption
  • [DBS] retail trade, mostly food and beverages
  • [BEK] retail trade, clothing and footwear
  • [BOS] housing, electricity, gas and heating
  • [MOB] furniture, furnishings, household equipment and consumables
  • [TRP] transport and retail sales and service of motor vehicles
  • [PTE] post and telecommunications
  • [REK] recreation and culture, goods and services
  • [RES] restaurants, cafes, hotels and other accommodation services
  • [OVT] other goods and services
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [HA0101AG] Current prices
  • [HA0101AI] Fixed prices
  • [HA0101AJ] Fixed prices, working day adjusted
  • [HA0101AM] Seasonally adjusted figures, fixed prices, working day adjusted
  • [HA0101AN] Trend, fixed prices, working day adjusted
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