Dwellings in newly constructed buildings (rented dwellings) by size of dwelling, observations and year [HyresrattOuthLgh]

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size of dwelling [Lagenhetstyp]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Lagenhetstyp] size of dwelling
  • [1RKV] 1 room and kitchenette
  • [1RK] 1 room and kitchen
  • [2RK] 2 rooms and kitchen
  • [3RK] 3 rooms and kitchen
  • [4RK] 4 rooms and kitchen
  • [5RK] 5 rooms and kitchen
  • [6+RK] 6 or more rooms and kitchen
  • [ÖVRIGA] other
  • [TOT] all dwelling types
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [000000DY] Dwellings, number
  • [000000DZ] Unlet dwellings, percentage
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