Information from employers monthly tax returns, business sector by industrial classification NACE Rev. 2, observations and quarter [LAPSKvGr07ny]

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industrial classification NACE Rev. 2 [SNI2007]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[SNI2007] industrial classification NACE Rev. 2
  • [A-U] all industries
  • [A] companies in agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • [B+C] mining, quarrying, manufacturing
  • [D+E] energy and environmental companies
  • [F] construction industry
  • [G] trade; repair establishments for motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • [H] transport and storage companies
  • [I] hotels and restaurants
  • [J] information and communication companies
  • [K] financial institutions and insurance companies
  • [L] real estate companies
  • [M+N] professional, scientific and technical companies; administrative and support service companies
  • [P] educational establishments
  • [Q] human health and social work establishments
  • [R+S+T+U] establishments for arts, entertainment and recreation; other service companies etc.
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [000000FF] Gross pay, millions SEK
  • [000000FB] Payroll tax, millions SEK
  • [000000FD] Preliminary tax, millions SEK
  • [000000FG] Gross pay, annual percentage change
  • [000000FC] Payroll taxes, annual percentage change
  • [000000FE] Preliminary tax, annual percentage change
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