Full siblings, half siblings and step siblings among children and young persons aged 0-21 and living at home, number by sex, age, siblings living at home, family type, observations and year [LE0102T22]

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sex [Kon]
age [Alder]
siblings living at home [SyskonHembo]
family type [Familjetyp]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Kon] sex
  • [5+6] boys and girls
  • [5] boys
  • [6] girls
[Alder] age
  • [0-17] 0-17 years
  • [0-21] 0-21 years
[SyskonHembo] siblings living at home
  • [10] no siblings living at home
  • [20] full siblings only
  • [30] half siblings only
  • [40] step siblings only
  • [50] full siblings and half siblings
  • [60] full siblings and step siblings
  • [70] half siblings and step siblings
  • [80] full siblings, half siblings and step siblings
[Familjetyp] family type
  • [BorMedUF] living with biological parents
  • [BorMedSF] living with one biological parent and one step parent
  • [EnsamTot] single parents
  • [Annan] living with persons other than parents
  • [Total] total
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [000000SV] Number
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