Elections to the County Councils - those entitled to vote by citizenship, sex, region of birth, observations and election year [ME0104T17]

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citizenship [Medborgarskap]
sex [Kon]
region of birth [Fodelseregion]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Medborgarskap] citizenship
  • [svenska] Swedish citizens
  • [utländska] foreign citizens
  • [SA] total
[Kon] sex
  • [1] men
  • [2] women
  • [1+2] total
[Fodelseregion] region of birth
  • [AFR] Africa
  • [ASI] Asia
  • [ÖEU] Europe, excluding the Nordic countries
  • [NAM] North America
  • [OVU] other countries, including information not available
  • [SAM] South America
  • [SE] Sweden
  • [NEXS] The Nordic countries, excluding Sweden
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [ME0104F2] Number of those entitled to vote
  • [ME0104F3] Percentage of those entitled to vote
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