Elections to the regional councils. Voting rates by County council, Swedish/foreign citizens, sex, observations and election year [ME0105T18]

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County council [Landsting]
Swedish/foreign citizens [Svutlmed]
sex [Kon]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Landsting] County council
  • [00] Sweden
  • [01L] Region Stockholm
  • [03L] Region Uppsala
  • [04L] Region Sörmland
  • [05L] Region Östergötland
  • [06L] Region Jönköpings county
  • [07L] Region Kronoberg
  • [08L] Region Kalmar county
  • [10L] Region Blekinge
  • [12L] Region Skåne
  • [13L] Region Halland
  • [14L] Region Västra Götaland
  • [17L] Region Värmland
  • [18L] Region Örebro county
  • [19L] Region Västmanland
  • [20LG] Region Dalarna
  • [21L] Region Gävleborg
  • [22L] Region Västernorrland
  • [23L] Region Jämtland Härjedalen
  • [24L] Region Västerbotten
  • [25L] Region Norrbotten
[Svutlmed] Swedish/foreign citizens
  • [svenska] Swedish citizens
  • [utländska] foreign citizens
  • [SA] total
[Kon] sex
  • [1] men
  • [2] women
  • [1+2] total
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [ME0105I5] Voting rates, percent
  • [ME0105I6] Voting rates, margin of error ±, percentage points
  • [ME0105I7] Entitled to vote, number in 1000s
  • [ME0105I8] Entitled to vote, number in 1000s, margin of error ±
  • [ME0105I9] Number of observation in sample
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