Gross fixed capital formation (ESA2010), current prices, million SEK by region, industrial classification NACE Rev. 2, observations and year [NR0105ENS2010T05A]

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industrial classification NACE Rev. 2 [SNI2007]
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Dimension codes and labels
[Region] region
  • [00] Sweden
  • [RIKS1] Stockholm production county
  • [RIKS2] Eastern Central Sweden
  • [RIKS3] Småland with the islands
  • [RIKS4] South Sweden
  • [RIKS5] West Sweden
  • [RIKS6] Northern Central Sweden
  • [RIKS7] Central Norrland
  • [RIKS8] Upper Norrland
[SNI2007] industrial classification NACE Rev. 2
  • [0002] total economy
  • [A01-F43] A01-F43 producers of goods
  • [G45-T98] G45-T98 producers of services
  • [Y0114] unallocated
  • [OFMHIO] government and NPISH
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [NR0105AV] Gross fixed capital formation, current prices, million SEK
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