Gainfully employed, Thousands by length of training period, sex, industrial classification NACE Rev. 1.1, observations and two times per year [Personalutb11]

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length of training period [LangdSM]
sex [Kon]
industrial classification NACE Rev. 1.1 [SNI2002]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[LangdSM] length of training period
  • [0] no participation in training
  • [1] participation in training
[Kon] sex
  • [1] men
  • [2] women
[SNI2002] industrial classification NACE Rev. 1.1
  • [A+B] agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
  • [C-E] mining, quarrying, manufactoring, electricity/gas/heating/water supply
  • [F] construction
  • [G+I] wholesale and retail trade and communications
  • [J+K-73] financial intermediation, real estate business and enterprise services
  • [M+73] education, research and development
  • [N] Helath and care, social services and veterinary activities
  • [H+O+P] Personal and cultural services, refuse collection and disposal
  • [L+Q] Public administration, defense, international activities
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [UF0502U2] Gainfully employed, Thousands
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