Graduates, attendees and dropouts of higher vocational education by sex, educational orientation, national background, form of study of the programme, observations and year [YHStudT1hN]

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sex [Kon]
educational orientation [UtbildnInriktn]
national background [NationellBakgrund]
form of study of the programme [UtbFormYH]
observations [ContentsCode]

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Dimension codes and labels
[Kon] sex
  • [1+2] total
  • [2] women
  • [1] men
[UtbildnInriktn] educational orientation
  • [TOTM] Total
  • [1M] Computers/IT
  • [2M] Economics, administration and sales
  • [3M] Fitness and wellness
  • [4M] Hotel, restaurant and tourism
  • [5M] Health and medical care and social services
  • [6M] Journalism and information
  • [7M] Law
  • [8M] Culture, media and design
  • [9M] Agriculture, veterinary medicine, forestry and fisheries
  • [11M] Teaching methods and teaching
  • [12M] Civil and structural engineering
  • [13M] Security services
  • [14M] Technology and manufacturing
  • [15M] Transport services
  • [16] Other
  • [TOTS] Total
  • [1S] Teaching methods and teacher training
  • [2S] Humanities and the arts
  • [3S] Social science, law, trade, administration
  • [4S] Natural sciences, mathematics and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
  • [5S] Technology and manufacturing
  • [6S] Agriculture and forestry, veterinary medicine
  • [7S] Health and medical care and social care
  • [8S] Services
  • [17] Unknown
  • [TOT] Total
[NationellBakgrund] national background
  • [TOTGR] Total
  • [IF] Swedish born
  • [UF] Foreign born
  • [USGR] Data not available
  • [TOTDET] Total
  • [FS] Born in Sweden
  • [FN] Born in a Nordic country, outside Sweden
  • [FEU] Born in the EU, outside the Nordic countries
  • [FÖ] Born outside the EU and the Nordic countries
  • [USDET] Data not available
  • [TOTBAKGR] Total
  • [SB] Swedish background
  • [UB] Foreign background
  • [USBAKGR] Data not available
  • [TOT] Total
[UtbFormYH] form of study of the programme
  • [TOTBD] Total
  • [BU] Traditional
  • [DI] Distance learning
[ContentsCode] observations
  • [00000503] Number of graduates
  • [00000502] Number of attendees
  • [00000505] Number of dropouts
  • [00000504] Graduation rate
  • [00000506] Attendees, percent
  • [00000507] Dropouts, percent
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