Euro short-term rate - €STR [ESTR]

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Financial market data provider [BENCHMARK_ITEM]
Money market data [DATA_TYPE_EST]
Frequency [FREQ]

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Dimension codes and labels
[BENCHMARK_ITEM] Financial market data provider
  • [EU000A2X2A25] Euro Short-Term Rate
[DATA_TYPE_EST] Money market data
  • [CM] Calculation method
  • [NB] Number of banks
  • [NT] Number of transactions
  • [R25] Rate at 25th percentile of volumes
  • [R75] Rate at 75th percentile of volumes
  • [RP] Republication
  • [TT] Total volume
  • [VL] Share 5 largest banks
  • [WT] Volume-weighted trimmed mean rate
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [B] Business
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