Bank Lending Survey [BBBU2]

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Frequency (BBk) [BBK_STD_FREQ]
Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only [BBK_STD_AREA_WORLD]
Bank lending survey item [BBK_BLS_ITEM]
Bank lending survey contract counterpart [BBK_BLS_COUNT]
Bank lending survey counterpart motivation [BBK_BLS_COUNT_DETAIL]
Bank lending survey aggregation method [BBK_BLS_AGG_METHOD]

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Dimension codes and labels
[BBK_STD_FREQ] Frequency (BBk)
  • [Q] Quarterly
[BBK_STD_AREA_WORLD] Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only
  • [DE] Germany
  • [ALL] All BLS-banks
[BBK_BLS_ITEM] Bank lending survey item
  • [BC] Impact of bank competition
  • [BSC] Impact of cost of funds and balance sheet constraints
  • [CCF] Impact of consumer confidence
  • [CMP] Pressure from competition
  • [CP] Impact of capital position
  • [CRE] Impact of consumption expenditure (mortgage equity withdrawal)
  • [CRQ] Collateral requirements
  • [CWB] Impact of creditworthiness of borrower
  • [CWC] Impact of creditworthiness of consumers
  • [DR] Impact of debt refinancing/restructuring/renegotiation
  • [DSI] Impact of debt securities issuance
  • [EQI] Impact of equity issuance
  • [FIX] Impact of fixed investment
  • [GEA] Impact of general economic activity
  • [GLI] Impact of general level of interest rates
  • [HMP] Impact of housing market prospects
  • [HSV] Impact of household savings
  • [IF] Impact of internal financing
  • [IFO] Impact of industry or firm specific situation
  • [IFS] Impact of internal finance out of savings
  • [INV] Impact of inventories and working capital
  • [LCV] Loan covenants
  • [LE] Large enterprises
  • [LNB] Impact of loans from non-banks
  • [LOB] Impact of loans from other banks
  • [LP] Impact of liquidity position
  • [LTL] Long-term loans
  • [LVR] Impact of loan to value ratio
  • [MAA] Impact of mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring
  • [MAL] Margin on average loans
  • [MF] Impact of ability to access market financing
  • [MFC] Impact of market financing competition
  • [MRL] Margin on riskier loans
  • [MTY] Maturity
  • [NBC] Impact of non-bank competition
  • [NHC] Impact of non-housing related consumption
  • [NIC] Non interest rate charges
  • [O] Overall
  • [OSF] Impact of other sources of finance
  • [OSL] Other loan size limits
  • [RCD] Impact of risk on the collateral demanded
  • [RFR] Impact of regulatory and fiscal regime
  • [RSK] Perception of risk
  • [RTO] Impact of bank`s risk tolerance
  • [SCP] Impact of securities purchases
  • [SDC] Impact of spending on durable consumer goods
  • [SME] Small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • [STL] Short-term loans
  • [SZL] Size of loans
  • [Z] Not applicable
[BBK_BLS_COUNT] Bank lending survey contract counterpart
  • [E] Enterprise
  • [H] Household
[BBK_BLS_COUNT_DETAIL] Bank lending survey counterpart motivation
  • [C] Consumer credit
  • [H] Loans for house purchase
  • [LE] Large enterprises
  • [SME] Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • [Z] Not applicable
  • [B3] Backward looking three months
  • [F3] Forward looking three months
  • [MA] Margins on average loans
  • [MR] Margins on riskier loans
  • [RA] Share of rejected loan application
  • [ST] Credit standards
  • [TC] Credit terms and conditions
  • [ZZ] Not applicable
  • [D] Loan demand
  • [S] Loan supply
[BBK_BLS_AGG_METHOD] Bank lending survey aggregation method
  • [A] Average
  • [DINX] Diffusion index
  • [FNET] Net percentage
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