Labour market - Germany [BBDL1]

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Frequency (BBk) [BBK_STD_FREQ]
Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only [BBK_STD_AREA_WORLD]
Navigation Labour market [BBK_DOLM_NAVIGATION]
Labour market concept [BBK_DOLM_CONCEPT]
Labor market age/gender [BBK_DOLM_AGEGENDER]
Jurisdiction Labour market [BBK_DOLM_JURISDICTION]
Nationality Labour market [BBK_DOLM_NATIONALITY]
Range Labour market [BBK_DOLM_RANGE]
Basis (Germany) [BBK_DO_BASIS]
Series suffix (Germany) [BBK_DO_SUFFIX]

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Dimension codes and labels
[BBK_STD_FREQ] Frequency (BBk)
  • [A] Annual
  • [M] Monthly
  • [Q] Quarterly
[BBK_STD_AREA_WORLD] Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only
  • [DE] Germany
  • [DE1] West Germany
  • [N] Unadjusted figure
  • [Y] Calendar and seasonally adjusted
[BBK_DOLM_NAVIGATION] Navigation Labour market
  • [EMP] Employment and labour force
  • [LMP] Labour market policy instruments / short-time work
  • [UNE] Unemployed persons, recipients of benefits, underemployment
  • [VAC] Vacancies
[BBK_DOLM_CONCEPT] Labour market concept
  • [EAA000] Employed persons according to ESA 2010
  • [EBA000] Employees subject to social security contributions
  • [EBA101] Persons working exclusively in low-paid part-time jobs
  • [LKA000] Short-time workers
  • [LKA100] Short-time workers, basis for entitlement according to section 96 only
  • [UBA000] Unemployment registered pursuant to section 16 Social Security Code III
  • [UMZ001] EU-standardised unemployed persons
  • [VBA000] Reported vacancies, total
[BBK_DOLM_AGEGENDER] Labor market age/gender
  • [A0000] Men and women, total
[BBK_DOLM_JURISDICTION] Jurisdiction Labour market
  • [A00] Total
  • [A01] Social Security Code III and Social Security Code II
  • [A02] Social Security Code III
[BBK_DOLM_NATIONALITY] Nationality Labour market
  • [D00] Total
  • [D10] Domestic concept
  • [D11] Residence concept
[BBK_DOLM_RANGE] Range Labour market
  • [0] Total
  • [0S1] Secondary sector
  • [0S3] Tertiary sector excluding hiring out of labour
  • [1N1] N 78.2, N 78.3 Hiring out of labour
[BBK_DO_BASIS] Basis (Germany)
  • [ABA] Absolute value
  • [R00] Rate
[BBK_DO_SUFFIX] Series suffix (Germany)
  • [A] Free
  • [L] lange Reihe
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