Material and goods received in manufacturing, Material and goods received, Germany, Types of material and goods, WZ2008 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing, Year [42241B4006]

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Frequency [freq]
Unit [unit]
Indicator [ind]
Germany [DINSG]
Types of material and goods [MATAT1]
WZ2008 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing [WZ08X3]

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Dimension codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[unit] Unit
  • [tsd_eur] Thousands of euros
[ind] Indicator
  • [EIG003] Material and goods received
[DINSG] Germany
  • [DG] Germany
[MATAT1] Types of material and goods
  • [MAT-VPCK] Packaging material
  • [STF-BRENN-01] Fuels and energy
  • [STF-BTR-01] Operating materials (excluding packaging material)
  • [STF-ROH-01] Raw, auxil. materials, intermed. products received
[WZ08X3] WZ2008 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing
  • [WZ08-051] Mining of hard coal
  • [WZ08-052] Mining of lignite
  • [WZ08-062] Extraction of natural gas
  • [WZ08-081] Quarrying of stone, sand and clay
  • [WZ08-089] Mining and quarrying n.e.c.
  • [WZ08-091] Support act. for petroleum, natural gas extraction
  • [WZ08-099] Support activities for other mining and quarrying
  • [WZ08-101] Processing and preserving of meat, meat products
  • [WZ08-102] Processing,preserving of fish,crustaceans,molluscs
  • [WZ08-103] Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
  • [WZ08-104] Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
  • [WZ08-105] Manufacture of dairy products
  • [WZ08-106] Manuf.of grain mill products,starches,starch prod.
  • [WZ08-107] Manufacture of bakery and farinaceous products
  • [WZ08-108] Manufacture of other food products
  • [WZ08-109] Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
  • [WZ08-110] Manufacture of beverages
  • [WZ08-120] Manufacture of tobacco products
  • [WZ08-131] Preparation and spinning of textile fibres
  • [WZ08-132] Weaving of textiles
  • [WZ08-133] Finishing of textiles
  • [WZ08-139] Manufacture of other textiles
  • [WZ08-141] Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel
  • [WZ08-142] Manufacture of articles of fur
  • [WZ08-143] Manufacture of knitted and crocheted apparel
  • [WZ08-151] Tanning of leather, manuf.of luggage,saddlery etc.
  • [WZ08-152] Manufacture of footwear
  • [WZ08-161] Sawmilling and planing of wood
  • [WZ08-162] Manuf. of products of wood, cork, straw etc.
  • [WZ08-171] Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard
  • [WZ08-172] Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard
  • [WZ08-181] Printing and service activities rel. to printing
  • [WZ08-182] Reproduction of recorded media
  • [WZ08-191] Manufacture of coke oven products
  • [WZ08-192] Manufacture of refined petroleum products
  • [WZ08-201] Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilisers etc.
  • [WZ08-202] Manufacture of pesticides, agrochemical products
  • [WZ08-203] Manuf. of paints, varnishes, similar coatings etc.
  • [WZ08-204] Manufacture of soap, detergents, perfumes etc.
  • [WZ08-205] Manufacture of other chemical products
  • [WZ08-206] Manufacture of man-made fibres
  • [WZ08-211] Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
  • [WZ08-212] Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
  • [WZ08-221] Manufacture of rubber products
  • [WZ08-222] Manufacture of plastics products
  • [WZ08-231] Manufacture of glass and glass products
  • [WZ08-232] Manufacture of refractory products
  • [WZ08-233] Manufacture of clay building materials
  • [WZ08-234] Manuf. of other porcelain and ceramic products
  • [WZ08-235] Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
  • [WZ08-236] Manuf. of articles of concrete, cement and plaster
  • [WZ08-237] Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
  • [WZ08-239] Manuf. of abrasive products, non-met. min. prod.
  • [WZ08-241] Manuf. of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
  • [WZ08-242] Manuf. of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles, of steel
  • [WZ08-243] Manuf. of other products of first process.of steel
  • [WZ08-244] Manuf. of basic precious, other non-ferrous metals
  • [WZ08-245] Casting of metals
  • [WZ08-251] Manufacture of structural metal products
  • [WZ08-252] Manuf. of tanks, reservoirs, containers of metal
  • [WZ08-253] Manuf. of steam generators, ex. centr.heat.boilers
  • [WZ08-254] Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
  • [WZ08-255] Forging, pressing, stamping, roll-forming of metal
  • [WZ08-256] Treatment and coating of metals, machining
  • [WZ08-257] Manufacture of cutlery, tools and general hardware
  • [WZ08-259] Manufacture of other fabricated metal products
  • [WZ08-261] Manufacture of electronic components and boards
  • [WZ08-262] Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
  • [WZ08-263] Manufacture of communication equipment
  • [WZ08-264] Manufacture of consumer electronics
  • [WZ08-265] Manuf. of instruments for measuring etc., watches
  • [WZ08-266] Manuf. of irradiation, electromedical equipment
  • [WZ08-267] Manuf. of optical instruments, photogr. equipment
  • [WZ08-268] Manufacture of magnetic and optical media
  • [WZ08-271] Manuf. of electric motors,generators,transf. etc.
  • [WZ08-272] Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
  • [WZ08-273] Manufacture of wiring and wiring devices
  • [WZ08-274] Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
  • [WZ08-275] Manufacture of domestic appliances
  • [WZ08-279] Manufacture of other electrical equipment
  • [WZ08-281] Manufacture of general-purpose machinery
  • [WZ08-282] Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery
  • [WZ08-283] Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
  • [WZ08-284] Manuf. of metal forming machinery a. machine tools
  • [WZ08-289] Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
  • [WZ08-291] Manufacture of motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-292] Manuf.of bodies (coachwork) for motor vehicles etc
  • [WZ08-293] Manuf. of parts and accessories for motor vehicles
  • [WZ08-301] Building of ships and boats
  • [WZ08-302] Manuf. of railway locomotives and rolling stock
  • [WZ08-303] Manuf. of air and spacecraft and related machinery
  • [WZ08-304] Manufacture of military fighting vehicles
  • [WZ08-309] Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
  • [WZ08-310] Manufacture of furniture
  • [WZ08-321] Manuf. of jewellery, bijouterie, related articles
  • [WZ08-322] Manufacture of musical instruments
  • [WZ08-323] Manufacture of sports goods
  • [WZ08-324] Manufacture of games and toys
  • [WZ08-325] Manuf. of medical and dental instruments, supplies
  • [WZ08-329] Manufacturing n.e.c.
  • [WZ08-331] Repair of fabric. metal products, machinery,equip.
  • [WZ08-332] Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
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