Germany - Packaging material - Quarrying of stone, sand and clay - Material and goods received [DG.MAT-VPCK.WZ08-081.EIG003]

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Federal Statistical Office Germany
Material and goods received in manufacturing, Material and goods received, Germany, Types of material and goods, WZ2008 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing, Year
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April 4, 2022 (10:56 PM)


Frequency [freq]
Annual [A]
Unit [unit]
Thousands of euros [tsd_eur]
Indicator [ind]
Material and goods received [EIG003]
Germany [DINSG]
Germany [DG]
Types of material and goods [MATAT1]
Packaging material [MAT-VPCK]
WZ2008 (3-digit codes): Manufacturing [WZ08X3]
Quarrying of stone, sand and clay [WZ08-081]
Period Value
2010 9053
2014 13367