Branch accounts [CNT-2014-CB]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Indicator [INDICATEUR]
National accounts operations [OPERATION]
Nature [NATURE]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Classification of valuations [VALORISATION]
Correction [CORRECTION]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [T] Quarterly
[INDICATEUR] Indicator
  • [CNT-COMPTE_EXPLOITATION_BRANCHES] Operating account of branches
  • [CNT-COMPTE_PRODUCTION_BRANCHES] Production account of branches
  • [CNT-DUREE_VOLUME_TRAVAIL_BRANCHE] Weekly duration and volume of work by branch
  • [CNT-EMPLOI_INTERIEUR_BRANCHES] Domestic employment by branch
[OPERATION] National accounts operations
  • [B1] B1 - Value added
  • [B2] B2 - Operating surplus
  • [D1] D1 - Compensation of employees
  • [D11] D11 - Gross wages and salaries
  • [D121] D121 - Employers' actual social contributions
  • [D122] D122 - Employers' imputed social contributions
  • [D29] D29 - Taxes on production
  • [D291] D291 - Taxes on wages and workforce
  • [D292] D292 - Sundry taxes on production
  • [D39] D39 - Operating subsidies
  • [DHES] DHES - Actual hours worked by employees
  • [DHET] DHET - Total actual hours worked (including self-employed workers)
  • [EMP] Total employment
  • [EMPNS] Self-employment
  • [EMPS] Paid employment
  • [P1E] P1E - Production of branches
  • [P2E] P2E - Intermediate consumption of branches
  • [VHTS] VHTS - Employees hourly volume
  • [VHTT] VHTT - Total hourly volume (including self-employed workers)
  • [A17-AZ] A17-AZ - Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • [A17-C1] A17-C1 - Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco
  • [A17-C2] A17-C2 - Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
  • [A17-C3] A17-C3 - Manufacture of electrical, electronic and computer equipment; manufacture of machinery
  • [A17-C4] A17-C4 - Manufacture of transport equipment
  • [A17-C5] A17-C5 - Manufacture of other industrial products
  • [A17-DE] A17-DE - Mining and quarrying; energy; water supply; waste management and remediation activities
  • [A17-FZ] A17-FZ - Construction
  • [A17-GZ] A17-GZ - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • [A17-HZ] A17-HZ - Transportation and storage
  • [A17-IZ] A17-IZ - Accommodation and food service activities
  • [A17-JZ] A17-JZ - Information and communication
  • [A17-KZ] A17-KZ - Financial and insurance activities
  • [A17-LZ] A17-LZ - Real estate
  • [A17-MN] A17-MN - Scientific and technical activities; administrative and support service activities
  • [A17-OQ] A17-OQ - Public administration, education, health and social work
  • [A17-RU] A17-RU - Other service activities
  • [D-CNT] All goods and services
  • [DI-CNT] Industry (DE, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5)
  • [DIM-CNT] Manufacturing (C1, C2, C3, C4, C5)
  • [DS-CNT] All services activities
  • [DSM-CNT] Mainly market tertiary sectors (GZ, HZ, IZ, JZ, KZ, LZ, MN, RU)
  • [DSN-CNT] Mainly non-market tertiary sector (OQ)
  • [SMNA-CNT] All mainly market non-agricultural
[NATURE] Nature
  • [VALEUR_ABSOLUE] Absolute value
[REF_AREA] Reference area
  • [FE] France
[VALORISATION] Classification of valuations
  • [L] Volumes chained at previous year prices
  • [SO] Not applicable
  • [V] Values at current prices
  • [ETP] full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • [EUROS] euros
  • [HEURES] hours
  • [INDIVIDUS] individuals
[CORRECTION] Correction
  • [CVS] Seasonal adjusted
  • [CVS-CJO] Seasonally and working-day adjusted
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