Quarterly – Rent reference index (RRI) – Annual change – Metropolitan France – % – Uncorrected – Not applicable – yes [T.IRL.VARIATIONS_A.FM.POURCENT.BRUT.SO.TRUE]

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National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
Index to review a residential rent
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January 13, 2023 (7:54 AM)


Frequency [FREQ]
Quarterly [T]
Indicator [INDICATEUR]
Rent reference index (RRI) [IRL]
Nature [NATURE]
Annual change [VARIATIONS_A]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Metropolitan France [FM]
Correction [CORRECTION]
Uncorrected [BRUT]
Base period [BASIND]
Not applicable [SO]
Stopped series [SERIE_ARRETEE]
yes [TRUE]
2000-Q1 NA DEF O O
2000-Q2 NA DEF O O
2000-Q3 NA DEF O O
2000-Q4 NA DEF O O
2001-Q1 2.21 DEF A A
2001-Q2 2.59 DEF A A
2001-Q3 2.87 DEF A A
2001-Q4 2.6 DEF A A
2002-Q1 2.55 DEF A A
2002-Q2 2.32 DEF A A
2002-Q3 2.11 DEF A A
2002-Q4 2.22 DEF A A
2003-Q1 2.19 DEF A A
2003-Q2 2.27 DEF A A
2003-Q3 2.3 DEF A A
2003-Q4 2.32 DEF A A
2004-Q1 2.3 DEF A A
2004-Q2 2.36 DEF A A
2004-Q3 2.59 DEF A A
2004-Q4 2.69 DEF A A
2005-Q1 2.79 DEF A A
2005-Q2 2.6 DEF A A
2005-Q3 2.3 DEF A A
2005-Q4 2.3 DEF A A
2006-Q1 2.46 DEF A A
2006-Q2 2.78 DEF A A
2006-Q3 3.19 DEF A A
2006-Q4 3.23 DEF A A
2007-Q1 2.92 DEF A A
2007-Q2 2.76 DEF A A
2007-Q3 2.49 DEF A A