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Frequency [FREQ]
Indicator [INDICATEUR]
Nature [NATURE]
Reference area [REF_AREA]
Correction [CORRECTION]
Stopped series [SERIE_ARRETEE]
Means of transport [MODE_TRANSPORT]
Purpose of the trip [MOTIF_VOYAGE]
Type of accommodation [TYPE_HEBERGEMENT]
Destination of the travel [DESTINATION_VOYAGE]
Return month from travel [MOIS_RETOUR]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
  • [M] Monthly
[INDICATEUR] Indicator
  • [ALLERS_RETOURS] Same-day visits
  • [NUITEES] Overnight stays
  • [TAUX_DEPART_VOYAGE] Departure rate
  • [VOYAGES] Trips
[NATURE] Nature
  • [TAUX] Rate
  • [VALEUR_ABSOLUE] Absolute value
  • [VARIATIONS_M] Monthly change
[REF_AREA] Reference area
  • [FM] Metropolitan France
  • [NUITES] Overnight stays
  • [POURCENT] %
  • [VOYAGES] Travels
[CORRECTION] Correction
  • [BRUT] Uncorrected
[SERIE_ARRETEE] Stopped series
  • [FALSE] nO
[MODE_TRANSPORT] Means of transport
  • [AUTRES] Other means of transport
  • [ROUTE] Main means of transport : road (car + motorhome)
  • [TOTAL] All means of transport combined
[MOTIF_VOYAGE] Purpose of the trip
  • [PERSO] Personal trip
  • [PRO] Professional trip
  • [TOTAL] All reasons combined
[TYPE_HEBERGEMENT] Type of accommodation
  • [AUTRE_NON_PAYANT] Other non-rented accommodation
  • [AUTRE_PAYANT] Other rented accommodation
  • [CAMPING] Campsites
  • [FAMILLE_AMIS] Family, friends
  • [HOTEL] Hotel
  • [LOCATION] Rental properties
  • [MARCHAND] Rented accommodation
  • [NON_MARCHAND] Non-rented accommodation
  • [TOTAL] All types of accommodation combined
[DESTINATION_VOYAGE] Destination of the travel
  • [AELE] Travels to Europe (European Union + EFTA)
  • [ETRANGER] Travels to foreign countries or COM
  • [ETRANGER_HORS_EUROPE] Travels abroad outside Europe
  • [FRANCE] Travels to metropolitan France or the overseas departments
  • [TOTAL] All destinations combined
[MOIS_RETOUR] Return month from travel
  • [SO] Not applicable
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