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  • The real exchange rate indices are calculated quarterly according to the methodology in Ellis L (2001), 'Measuring the Real Exchange Rate: Pitfalls and Practicalities', RBA Research Discussion Paper No 2001-04.
  • The ‘Real trade-weighted index’ is the average value of the Australian dollar in relation to currencies of Australia’s trading partners adjusted for relative price levels using core consumer price indices, where available, from these countries. Where core consumer price indices are not available, headline measures are used. The nominal trade-weighted index is shown in statistical table ‘F11 Exchange Rates’.
  • The ‘Real import-weighted index’ and ‘Real export-weighted index’ use Australian exports to (and imports from) Australia’s trading partners. The import and export weights are from ABS Cat No 5368.0.
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[FREQ] Frequency
  • [Q] Quarterly
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  • [index-march-1995-100] Index, March 1995 = 100
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