Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) by consolidated government component [10100005]


Data may not add to the total due to rounding. End of fiscal year closest to December 31st. The Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) presented excludes the acquisitions of non-financial assets and consumption of fixed capital expense. At this time, the nonfinancial estimates are not available as the integration work with the Canadian System of Macroeconomic Accounts (CSMA) is in progress. Consolidation is a method of presenting statistics for a set of units as if they constituted a single unit. In this table, the data is presented for consolidated governments. Consolidation involves the elimination of all transactions and debtor-creditor relationships that occur among the units being consolidated. In other words, a transaction of one unit is paired with the same transaction as recorded for the second unit and both transactions are eliminated. For example, if one provincial and territorial government unit owns a bond issued by a second provincial and territorial government unit located in a different province and data for the two units are being consolidated, then the stocks of bonds held as assets and liabilities are reported as if the bond did not exist. Provincial-territorial and local governments data can be compared across provinces and territories because consolidation takes into account differences in administrative structure and government service delivery by removing the effects of internal public sector transactions within each jurisdiction. Includes federal government, provincial and territorial governments, health and social service institutions, universities and colleges, municipalities and other local public administrations and, school boards. Does not include the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Quebec Pension Plan (QPP). Only the Canada geography dimension is available. Includes provincial and territorial governments, health and social service institutions, universities and colleges, municipalities and other local public administrations and, school boards. The Canada and provincial geography dimension are available. The Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) is a detailed classification of the functions, or socioeconomic objectives, that general government units aim to achieve through various kinds of outlays. Therefore, by definition, Government Business Enterprises (GBE's) are excluded from this table. General Public services also includes all interest payments for government loans (public debt) regardless of the function associated to the incurrence of the debt. Detailed groups of functional expenses for the federal government are available on a non-consolidated basis in CANSIM table 385-0040.

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April 30, 2020

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Dimensions codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [A] Annual
[geogr] Geography
  • [geogr_2] Alberta
  • [geogr_3] British Columbia
  • [geogr_1] Canada
  • [geogr_13] Manitoba
  • [geogr_10] New Brunswick
  • [geogr_7] Newfoundland and Labrador
  • [geogr_5] Northwest Territories
  • [geogr_9] Nova Scotia
  • [geogr_6] Nunavut
  • [geogr_12] Ontario
  • [geogr_8] Prince Edward Island
  • [geogr_11] Quebec
  • [geogr_14] Saskatchewan
  • [geogr_4] Yukon
[pub_sec_com] Public sector components
  • [pub_sec_com_1] Consolidated Canadian general government
  • [pub_sec_com_2] Consolidated provincial-territorial and local governments
[can_cla_of_] Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG)
  • [can_cla_of__35] Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting [7042]
  • [can_cla_of__26] Basic Research [7014]
  • [can_cla_of__16] Broadcasting and publishing services [7083]
  • [can_cla_of__30] Civil defence [7022]
  • [can_cla_of__19] College education [7093]
  • [can_cla_of__15] Cultural services [7082]
  • [can_cla_of__12] Defence [702]
  • [can_cla_of__32] Defence not elsewhere classified [7024, 7025]
  • [can_cla_of__34] Economic affairs [704]
  • [can_cla_of__39] Economic affairs not elsewhere classified [7046, 7047, 7048, 7049]
  • [can_cla_of__60] Education [709]
  • [can_cla_of__21] Education not elsewhere classified [7095, 7096, 7097, 7098]
  • [can_cla_of__45] Environmental protection [705]
  • [can_cla_of__13] Environmental protection not elsewhere classified [7055, 7056]
  • [can_cla_of__22] Executive and legislative organs, financial and fiscal affairs and external affairs [7011]
  • [can_cla_of__52] Family and children [7104]
  • [can_cla_of__4] Fire protection services [7032]
  • [can_cla_of__24] Foreign economic aid [7012]
  • [can_cla_of__31] Foreign military aid [7023]
  • [can_cla_of__36] Fuel and energy [7043]
  • [can_cla_of__33] General economic, commercial, and labor affairs [7041]
  • [can_cla_of__1] General public services [701]
  • [can_cla_of__28] General public services not elsewhere classified [7015, 7016, 7018]
  • [can_cla_of__25] General services [7013]
  • [can_cla_of__58] Health [707]
  • [can_cla_of__49] Health not elsewhere classified [7075, 7076]
  • [can_cla_of__47] Hospital services [7073]
  • [can_cla_of__54] Housing [7106]
  • [can_cla_of__56] Housing and community amenities [706]
  • [can_cla_of__43] Housing and community amenities not elsewhere classified [7065, 7066]
  • [can_cla_of__40] Housing and community development [7061, 7062]
  • [can_cla_of__5] Law courts [7033]
  • [can_cla_of__44] Medical products, appliances, and equipment [7071]
  • [can_cla_of__29] Military defence [7021]
  • [can_cla_of__37] Mining, manufacturing, and construction [7044]
  • [can_cla_of__51] Old age [7102]
  • [can_cla_of__46] Outpatient services [7072]
  • [can_cla_of__3] Police services [7031]
  • [can_cla_of__10] Pollution abatement [7053]
  • [can_cla_of__18] Primary and secondary education [7092]
  • [can_cla_of__6] Prisons [7034]
  • [can_cla_of__11] Protection of biodiversity and landscape [7054]
  • [can_cla_of__27] Public debt transactions [7017]
  • [can_cla_of__48] Public health services [7074]
  • [can_cla_of__23] Public order and safety [703]
  • [can_cla_of__7] Public order and safety not elsewhere classified [7035, 7036]
  • [can_cla_of__59] Recreation, culture and religion [708]
  • [can_cla_of__17] Recreation, culture, and religion not elsewhere classified [7084, 7085, 7086]
  • [can_cla_of__14] Recreational and sporting services [7081]
  • [can_cla_of__50] Sickness and disability [7101, 7103]
  • [can_cla_of__55] Social exclusion [7107]
  • [can_cla_of__2] Social protection [710]
  • [can_cla_of__57] Social protection not elsewhere classified [7108, 7109]
  • [can_cla_of__42] Street lighting [7064]
  • [can_cla_of__38] Transport [7045]
  • [can_cla_of__53] Unemployment [7105]
  • [can_cla_of__20] University education [7094]
  • [can_cla_of__8] Waste management [7051]
  • [can_cla_of__9] Waste water management [7052]
  • [can_cla_of__41] Water supply [7063]
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