International transactions in securities, portfolio transactions in Canadian bonds, by type of issuer and transaction, monthly [36100031]


Includes transactions in bonds issued by the government sector. Bonds issued by government business enterprises are included in corporations. Includes transactions in securities issued by municipal government enterprises. Includes transactions in bonds issued by government business enterprises and private corporations. In this table, a plus sign denotes an increase in investment and a minus sign denotes a decrease in investment.

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October 17, 2020
Frequency [freq]
Geography [geogr]
Type of issuer [typ_of_iss]
Type of transaction [typ_of_tra]

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Dimensions codes and labels
[freq] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[geogr] Geography
  • [geogr_1] Canada
[typ_of_iss] Type of issuer
  • [typ_of_iss_1] Canadian bonds, all issuers
  • [typ_of_iss_7] Canadian bonds, corporations
  • [typ_of_iss_4] Canadian bonds, federal government
  • [typ_of_iss_9] Canadian bonds, federal government enterprises
  • [typ_of_iss_8] Canadian bonds, government business enterprises
  • [typ_of_iss_3] Canadian bonds, governments
  • [typ_of_iss_6] Canadian bonds, municipal governments
  • [typ_of_iss_2] Canadian bonds, private corporations
  • [typ_of_iss_10] Canadian bonds, provincial government enterprises
  • [typ_of_iss_5] Canadian bonds, provincial governments
[typ_of_tra] Type of transaction
  • [typ_of_tra_9] Change in interest payable
  • [typ_of_tra_10] Interest accrued
  • [typ_of_tra_2] Interest paid
  • [typ_of_tra_1] Net flows
  • [typ_of_tra_4] New issues
  • [typ_of_tra_3] New issues net of retirements
  • [typ_of_tra_6] Outstanding issues, net
  • [typ_of_tra_8] Purchases
  • [typ_of_tra_5] Retirements
  • [typ_of_tra_7] Sales
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