Physical flow account for water use [38100250]


Data source: Statistics Canada, Environment, Energy and Transportation Statistics Division Includes an estimate for water use and leakages by water treatment and distribution systems. Includes an estimate for residential use of water produced by drinking water plants and for well water. The amount of municipal water use that is not residential and not assigned to industries in the Industrial Water Use Survey is distributed across the remaining industries based on expenditure data for water supplied through mains from the input-output accounts. Household water use is based on the municipal water supply from Statistics Canada's Survey of Drinking Water Treatment Plants combined with an estimate from the producers of the proportion of this water supply that serves households. In addition, the water use of households not served by the municipal supply is estimated based on average household consumption figures. This table is published using the 2011 input-output industry codes (IOIC). The input-output tables are built around three classification systems: the Input-Output Industry Classification (IOIC) for industries, the Input-Output Commodity Classification (IOCC) for products (goods and services) and the Input-Output Final Demand Classification (IOFDC) for final demand categories. The Input-Output Industry Classification (IOIC) is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and the Input-Output Commodity Classification (IOCC) is based on the North American Products Classification System (NAPCS). The Input-Output Final Demand Classification is based on the Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP) for the personal expenditure categories and the North American Industry Classification (NAICS) for the gross fixed capital formation categories. The classifications of the Input-Output tables can be found at the following link The alphanumeric codes appearing in square brackets besides each industry title represent the Input-Output Industry Classification (IOIC) codes. The IOIC identifies both institutional sectors and industries based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The first two characters of the IOIC alphanumeric codes represent the sector. IOIC codes beginning with a BS represent business sector industries, codes beginning with an NP represent Non-Profit Institutions Serving Household (NPISH) sector industries, and codes beginning with a GS represent government sector industries. This table replaces table 38-10-0118-01. Totals may not add due to rounding. The estimate for water use does not include the use of water for hydro-electricity production. Data for 2009 are based on input-output tables, while data for 2011 onwards are based on the supply and use tables: comparisons with the 2009 data should be done with caution. For more information on the concepts, sources and methods, please consult the Water use account section of the Methodological guide: Canadian System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (16-509-X). Data for 2009, 2011 and 2013 were revised in July 2018. Data for 2015 were revised in January 2019.

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