Euro/ECU exchange rates - monthly data [ert_bil_eur_m]

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Frequency [FREQ]
Unit of measure [unit]
Statistical information [statinfo]
Currency [currency]

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Dimension codes and labels
[FREQ] Frequency
  • [M] Monthly
[unit] Unit of measure
  • [NAC] National currency
[statinfo] Statistical information
  • [AVG] Average
  • [END] Value at the end of the period
[currency] Currency
  • [ALL] Albanian lek
  • [ARS] Argentine peso
  • [AUD] Australian dollar
  • [BAM] Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
  • [BGN] Bulgarian lev
  • [BRL] Brazilian real
  • [CAD] Canadian dollar
  • [CHF] Swiss franc
  • [CNY] Chinese renminbi-yuan
  • [CZK] Czech koruna
  • [DKK] Danish krone
  • [GBP] Pound sterling
  • [HKD] Hong Kong dollar
  • [HUF] Hungarian forint
  • [IDR] Indonesian rupiah
  • [ILS] Israeli shekel
  • [INR] Indian rupee
  • [ISK] Icelandic króna
  • [JPY] Japanese yen
  • [KRW] South Korean won
  • [MKD] North Macedonian denar
  • [MXN] Mexican peso
  • [MYR] Malaysian ringgit
  • [NOK] Norwegian krone
  • [NZD] New Zealand dollar
  • [PHP] Philippine peso
  • [PLN] Polish zloty
  • [RON] Romanian leu
  • [RSD] Serbian dinar
  • [RUB] Russian rouble
  • [SEK] Swedish krona
  • [SGD] Singapore dollar
  • [SLE] Sierra Leonean leone
  • [THB] Thai baht
  • [TRY] Turkish lira
  • [TWD] New Taiwan dollar
  • [USD] US dollar
  • [ZAR] South African rand
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