Money market [BBIG1]

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Frequency (BBk) [BBK_STD_FREQ]
Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only [BBK_STD_AREA]
Area (ISO currency codes, list of currencies) [BBK_STD_CURRENCY]
Money market category [BBK_IRMM_CATEGORY]
Interest rate category [BBK_IRMM_INSTRUMENT]

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Dimension codes and labels
[BBK_STD_FREQ] Frequency (BBk)
  • [D] Daily
  • [M] Monthly
[BBK_STD_AREA] Area (countries, list of countries), BBk only
  • [D0] EU (changing composition)
  • [DE] Germany
[BBK_STD_CURRENCY] Area (ISO currency codes, list of currencies)
  • [DEM] Deutsche Mark (old)
  • [EUR] Euro
[BBK_IRMM_CATEGORY] Money market category
  • [MMKT] Money market
[BBK_IRMM_INSTRUMENT] Interest rate category
  • [EONIA] EONIA (Euro OverNight Index Average) (weighted average = MID)
  • [EOSWAP] EONIA Swap Index (average rate of Mid Market rate of EONIA swap quotations = MID)
  • [EURIBOR] EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) (Briefsätze = ASK)
  • [FIBOR] FIBOR (Frankfurt Interbank Offered Rate)
  • [GMFFM] Money market rates reported by Frankfurt banks (ASK, BID, MID)
  • [M01] Maturity 1 month
  • [M03] Maturity 3 months
  • [M06] Maturity 6 months
  • [M09] Maturity 9 months
  • [M12] Maturity 12 months
  • [ON] Overnight money O/N (FIBOR, EONIA, FFM)
  • [W01] Maturity 1 week
  • [_Z] Not available
  • [AVE] Average
  • [BID] BID
  • [_Z] Not available
  • [DA] Daily average
  • [MA] Monthly average
  • [MAX] Highest rate of month
  • [MIN] Lowest rate of month
  • [MOV] Moving average
  • [_Z] Not available (für Tageswerte)
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